A Farewell Dinner for Goode, Full Steam Ahead for Perriello

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ABC 13 WSET-TV reported on-air this evening that Virgil Goode was attending a farewell dinner in Collinsville with supporters. Restaurant owner Buddy Arrington said the dinner had been planned for months regardless of the outcome. How nice, to send Goode back to Rocky Mt. with a full belly!

UPDATE: Today's Martinsville Bulletin has this story as a headline, proving yesterday was a slow news day.

Supporters of U.S. Rep. Virgil Goode Jr. held a farewell dinner for the outgoing congressman Monday night, but they made it clear they hope Goode isn’t going anywhere for long.

During the dinner at Buddy’s Taste of Home Restaurant in Collinsville, Goode’s supporters said they want him to run again. The six-term congressman, who was defeated by a margin of less than one-half of a percent in the Nov. 4 election, said he has not yet decided whether he will do so.

A DVD showing highlights of Goode’s career, prepared by some of his supporters, contained a slide proclaiming “Vote Goode 2010.”

On the wall of the dining room was a sign reading “farewell.” But Ridgeway resident Chris Koumparakis optimistically said “this is not farewell” — only a Christmas break for Goode.

Hopefully, Goode's "Christmas break" will be a permanent one.

In the mean time, Congressman-elect Tom Perriello and his staff are pressing ahead with his office and Congressional website.

"We will continue the 5th district tradition of a weekly legislative report from the Congressman and will release our first one during that first week in office", said Perriello's Communications Director Jessica Barba. "I am aiming to have our congressional website up and running by January 6."

January 6 is also the day Congressman-elect Perriello will be sworn in.

"Tom will be sworn into office on January 6, 2009", said Barba. "We will have a reception that afternoon (4-6 pm) in the Rayburn House Office Building for our supporters from the district."

Another Corrupt R down the tubes

Perhaps Virgil will contemplate his relationships with the Duke Cunnigham/Jack Abramoff crowd over his extended Christmas break. He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, so I guess he'll just suck his congressional pension/state pension/social security and sit on a tree stump for the next 10 years...hopefully nothing more where he could inflict further damage on Virginians.

A fresh face for some old problems

You know what? Two years will not be a lot of time for Tom Perriello to establish a name for himself in Congress. However, given how he approached this year's campaign with a completely unconventional and fresh approach for how to campaign, and given that he gave it his all, there is no reason to believe that Tom will act any differently as a member of Congress.

And I think once the voters of the 5th District experience how refreshing and promising his representation will be for the 5th District after the bitter partisanship and bigotry of his predecessor, former Goode voters will be lining up to support Tom Perriello.

I couldn't agree with either of you more

Tom Perriello is not going to make huge changes on day one, or for that matter in 2 years. I do expect to see him buck the party on occasion, because they need him as much as he needs them, it will be forgiven.

Goode, as long as he stays in Rocky Mt., will become a bad memory quickly enough for many of us in the 5th.

Goode's hardcore supporters are a different animal altogether, they revel in the bitterness and racism Goode espoused. Partisanship is all they know, and a return of that is what they will seek in 2010.