Good Deeds Interview

Photo Credit: Star City Harbinger

The Star City Harbinger posted a good interview with Creigh Deeds from a Monday night event in Roanoke. Worth a read. We know Creigh well, here in the Valley. But this one-on-one gives a lot more depth to candidate Deeds, especially for folks outside of western Virginia.

The Bare Foot Boy from Bath in Roanoke last night

Good article

I haven't fully committed, but I'm definitely leaning toward Senator Deeds in this primary over Brian Moran (I prefer to pretend Terry McAuliffe doesn't exist). As has been mentioned before, he is not a commanding speaker, but neither is/was Mark Warner. He's an ideal purple state Democrat to help keep the recent success of the party going. And frankly, I like that he doesn't benefit from nepotism and isn't a carpetbagger (yeah yeah, he's had a home here for 20 years, but McAuliffe has no more loyalty to the Commonwealth than he does to any other state).