Moran Receives Endorsements today in Martinsville

Del. Brian Moran picked up two endorsements in Martinsville this morning, House Minority Leader Ward Armstrong and Martinsville Democratic Committee chair Lorene Martin.

Martin opened the press conference telling the gathered crowd of about 40 people that Moran's experience and leadership in the House of Delegates was the compelling reason she was supporting him in the race for Governor. Armstrong, cited his decade old personal and professional relationship with the fellow Delegate.

"When I think of the next Governor, I want someone that has spent time in my area and been here before", said Armstrong. "Not just while campaigning for office." Moran came to Martinsville many times, but people here remember that when Tultex closed it's doors, Moran was one of the delegates that came down on a Saturday to hold meetings with displaced workers instead of going home to spend family time. "When he went back to Richmond, he worked hard to get extended unemployment benefits, and help for those laid off workers", Armstrong added.

Moran spoke about the need to bring green technology to Virginia, better education for all children, upgrading our infrastructure and ways to improve Virginia's economy.

After talking with some of Moran's staff, I learned that Sheriff Steve Draper, who was also expected to endorse Brian, had been called away for an emergency.