Steve Shannon raising tons of money

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The campaign of Steve Shannon for Attorney General today announced that they had raised more than $820,000 and Shannon’s $746,416 Cash on Hand $150,000 ws ahead head of Bob McDonnell’s 2005 pace.

“I’m proud that so many people have chosen to invest in this campaign because they believe in my message of making Virginia a safer place for every family to call home," said Delegate Steve Shannon (D-Fairfax).

“Our early fundraising success will go a long way towards making sure we have the resources we need to take our message of positive change to every corner of the Commonwealth,” Shannon continued.

The Shannon Campaign now has $150,000 more cash on hand than current Attorney General Bob McDonnell had at this point in the 2005 campaign and has a far greater cash on hand advantage over the totals posted by any other Attorney General nominee this decade.

Sounds like Shannon is really rolling, and well positioned both for any primary challenge and for the general election.

Good to hear

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Steve can beat that wingnut Cuccinelli.

Of course

the caveat here, I just noticed, is that the majority of that money came from his Delegate account.

I'd Like To See...

Some preemptive spending on different political positions, especially since it sounds like Shannon is the clear front-runner for this nomination. It is never a bad thing to get the nuts and bolts of your campaign down solid earlier rather than later...