Perriello Reenacts Swearing In Ceremony for 5th District Voters

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Freshman Representative Tom Perriello, was welcomed to applause and a standing ovation after reenacting his Congressional swearing in ceremony for approximately 55 Martinsville residents last night.

Perriello told the crowd, "it's important to me to share this swearing in and the oath of office, with the 5th District voters", because the House of Representatives has always been the "people's House".

Tom continued his call for input from residents and area lawmakers to help him make decisions that are best for the district; he said he expects everyone to "hold my feet to the fire".

Martinsville Mayor Kathy Lawson said that local officials would continue, “to make certain that you are aware of our needs”. Lawson said she hoped Perriello would fight hard for much needed resources for infrastructure, schools and growing the economic base, and in return they would be “responsible and proactive stewards of the resources you bring to us.”

Vice-Mayor Kimble Reynolds, a member of Perriello’s transition team, pointed out how Perriello has already “made a deliberate effort to let Martinsville know that he is aware of its needs” and supports “a vision and plan that helps to revitalize our economy and community.” Reynolds praised him for “working toward solutions” and making “jobs and economic growth his first priority.”

Delegate Ward Armstrong said that it was interesting that Perriello chose Martinsville’s VMNH as the site for the reenactment ceremony because the building was “steeped in the past, yet here we are on this day, looking straight to the future.” armstrong said that despite to state of the local and national economy, he knew that Perriello is "up for the challenge".

Tom spent about an hour and a half shaking hands, talking to and having photos made with those in attendance before leaving. Perriello continues his tour of the district today before making the trek back to Washington.

It was a pleasure to finally meet you, Jim.

I like the Triceratops in the background; not just anyone can stay on message with a roaring dinosaur 10 feet behind them!

Likewise HM!

Tom was cracking up while the dino was moving around, swinging it's head back and forth! I kept telling him "look out, don't get yourself gored!" LOL. It was a pleasure to finally meet you and your wife! I hope you will stay in touch often!