Anti-Tom Bias at the Franklin News-Post?

Check out this article from today's Franklin News-Post about Congressman Perriello's vote to reauthorize S-CHIP. Judging by the headline and subtitle, one would think Congressman Perriello went out of his way to raise the tobacco tax and knowingly damage the economy:

"Perriello votes to double cigarette tax"

"Although congressman says it will likely have dramatic impact on jobs and revenues across the country."

The fact that it was actually a bill expanding health care coverage for underprivileged children is apparently not headline-worthy. Interestingly, the meat of the bill is buried toward the end of the article, including the part where Tom rips the decision to include the tax increase:

Perriello (D-Albemarle County) said he supported the reauthorization of SCHIP, but he added that he was disappointed that the Senate version included a "disproportionate increase in the excise tax rate on tobacco products."...
"Because 99 percent of smokers make less than $250,000 a year, imposing such an onerous excise tax on tobacco will unfairly punish tobacco consumers - many who are members of the working poor - hard-working men and women living from paycheck to paycheck," Perriello said.

Tom voted for S-CHIP because it's the right thing to do. By voting for the bill, which originally did not include the tobacco tax, he was not only honoring a campaign promise, but expanding health coverage to 55,000 Virginia kids.

This article, at least the headline and subtitle, reads like a Goode campaign press release. It's flagrantly obvious what's happening here. I wonder why the News-Post is deliberately trying to tear down Tom--is it just sour grapes? After all, they shared a street with the former congressman's offices and were in the nerve center of his fiefdom. Or, in light of a recent Martinsville Bulletin article wherein Goode takes credit for bringing defense jobs to Martinsville, does someone at the paper know something about Virgil's future political ambitions?

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