Shannon campaign announces endorsements by mayors of Richmond and Norfolk

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Here is the content of an email sent out today by the campaign of Steve Shannon for Attorney General:

Richmond and Norfolk Mayors Endorse Steve Shannon to be Virginia’s Next Attorney General
Endorsements by Mayors Dwight Jones and Paul Fraim Demonstrate Campaigns’ Strength in Key Areas of the Commonwealth

Vienna, VA – Delegate Steve Shannon announced today that his campaign for Attorney General has earned the support of Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones, and Norfolk Mayor Paul Fraim.

“Local government is where the rubber hits the road in making Virginia a safer place for families to call home," said Delegate Steve Shannon. “Mayors Fraim and Jones are leaders in making their communities safer, better places to live and I’m proud to have their support,” Shannon continued.

“Steve will be an Attorney General we can all be proud of. I’m supporting Steve because I know that as a former prosecutor, he will work with our community to fight gangs and make sure our children are safe from predators,” Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones said.

“Steve Shannon is a leader who will fight to protect our families, our businesses, and our ports,” Norfolk Mayor Paul Fraim said. “As our next Attorney General, I know Steve will be someone I can work with to continue improving our quality of life here in Norfolk,” Fraim continued.

Shannon still has no primary opponent, although State. Sen. John Edwards has made some noises about getting in. As Shannon continues to lock up endorsements and support, it becomes more and more likely that he will not have a primary opponent.

It will be interesting to see how much Shannon is able to expand his campaign once the General Assembly Session is over. Currently the budget process looks to be on hold, as the Senate has sent the House of Delegates a request to postpone, hoping both to have an enacted federal stimulus that can be analyzed for its effects, as well as the revenue projections that are do. An office holder may not be able to raise money, but rolling out endorsements is one way to try to keep one's name in the news, so that people remember you are running.