Perriello's Informational Town Hall

Facing the crowd that gathered at Martinsville High School's library, Congressman Tom Perriello spoke about the highlights for Virginia in the recently passed Stimulus package. Money to help Virginia's bottom line, to save state legislators from making more cuts, money for infrastructure renewal, funding for education and tax credits.

After his 12 minute speech, the Congressman took questions from the audience. One man that recently had to close his business complained about how he was being treated by the Small Business Association, one woman was concerned about the war in Afghanistan. One man asked questions concerning his unemployment benefits. Perriello answered each question with solid answers and went on to offer his staffs help with the SBA.

Tom was quick to point out the stimulus is far from perfect saying, "it certainly isn't the bill I would have written". He made it clear he supported it because the bill was at the least, a move in the right direction.

Perriello has been attacked by the conservative swift boat group calling itself "Freedoms Defense Fund" and by the NRCC, for his vote for the stimulus package. My question is this; why are these groups spending upwards of $30,000 each for attack ads in February 2009? It seems to me that money could be better used to put someone back to work, instead of following the same failed path as in 2008.