Gone for Goode? Local and national GOP want a rematch

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This campaign sign still stands at the intersection of Boon Street and 220 in Boones Mill, Virginia. The election was held over 16 weeks ago, yet the owner of this sign still clings to the hope that Goode will rise from the ashes of his narrow defeat by Congressman Tom Perriello (D).

A few complaints have been made about the large and prominent sign in the near the town center of Boones Mill, between Rocky Mount--the county seat of Franklin County--and Roanoke, in the Fifth Congressional District.

The Town of Boones Mill has no official policy regarding political signage and how long it can legally hang around. "It's a state thing, I think," said one woman in the Town office. A Franklin County planning department official told me, "Franklin County doesn't regulate signage based on content . . . only structure. So any political sign, no matter how long it stays up, has to be in compliance with the county's height and size requirements."

Last year, the ACLU and Botetourt County butted heads about the County's policy to reduce the amount of "election litter" from lengthy campaigns by limiting the time and duration of their display. It is likely that the residents of Boones Mill wish to avoid a similar stink.

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