Embarrassment for the Virginia AG's Office

Steven Lederman, a Virginia assistant attorney general with indirect ties to former Norfolk Senator Nick Rerras (R) has been charged with felony possession with intent to distribute marijuana and a misdemeanor count of carrying a concealed weapon after a drug sniffing dog alerted on a bag in Lederman's van. Inside that bag was marijuana wrapped like a Christmas present.

Lederman's father, Ira, made contributions of $5,500 to Senator Rerras and other Republicans leading up to the time when Steven was a candidate for Norfolk Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court. In 2007, this drew attention to the fact that members of the legislature have an opportunity for patronage from their influence in appointing judges in Virginia. Reeves Mahoney, the husband of circuit judge candidate Joan E. Mahoney, had given $500 to Rerras and a total of $10,800 to Republicans in the same time period.

According to the report in the Virginian-Pilot, Reeves Mahoney's biggest donations went to Bob McDonnell, his former law partner and the state's attorney general. Mahoney's college friend, Republican Randy Forbes, a former state legislator and now a U.S. congressman representing the 4th District received the next biggest amount.

Reportedly, the affidavit indicates police also found a mirror with suspected cocaine residue during the search. Investigators were acting on a tip when they arrested Lederman.

Lederman has worked in the Division of Child Support Enforcement at the state Attorney General’s Office since 1997. He has been suspended pending further investigation according to an AG office spokesperson.

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It was cocaine too.

It was cocaine too.

Who appointed him?

How did Mr. Lederman become assistant attorney general? Who, in other words, is his mentor?

Who appointed him?

Teddy....He is very low in the food chain of the Commonwealth's largest law firm. He worked out of a regional office in Tidewater on child support issues. His title is misleading. He apparently has been around since 1997 so that would have been the Gilmore Administration.
If I remember my days in Norfolk correctly, he lives in a prime community. My time in Norfolk was years ago so that may well have changed. To me, this is all very sad.

Poor Guy

It is almost certain that his soon to be ex wife informed the police as she knew he was going to get some weed for his personal use....and likely hers too! His life has been ruined by this. Were he to be treated like everyone else, he'd plead guilty to misdemeanor first offender possession and have a clean record in a year. Perhaps he'd even be able to keep his job.
The search of his home produced absolutely no evidence of dealing because he's not a dealer. The evidence, in fact, points to his personal use.
If the mirror in the car ( a woman's makeup mirror) proves to have residue of coke, he was set up. The coke implication is totally bogus.
To those who think he'll get special treatment, you're right. It is likely to be special to his detriment.