A Day in the life of Freshman Rep. Tom Perriello

The Roanoke Times article "Perriello takes a seat at the table" shows what a fresh face, new energy and focus on the common good can bring to Washington.

To say Perriello has "hit the ground running" is somewhat of an understatement, having already had one piece of legislation passed to help fund education through tax credits.

Despite having to endure a recount, Perriello and his staff have proved more than capable of moving the 5th Congressional District forward. They now have 2 offices open and Perriello's website is up and running and constantly being upgraded.

While Perriello says thoughts of reelection are on the back burner at this time, he is already facing negative ads from such groups as Freedoms Defense Fund and the NRCC. Knowing Tom as well as I do, he probably hasn't given them a second thought at this time, although his staff has.

2010 will be interesting to say the least since rumours abound in the 5th that Goode will make an attempt to regain his seat. Goode himself may face opposition within his own party, as rumours are spreading that Shaun Kenney might also seek the Republican nomination. Kenney is a former spokesman for the Virginia Republican Party and more recently has worked for the American Life League and is a conservative blogger.

As Perriello continues to move forward and make his voice heard in Congress, those negative voices should start to be drowned out by reality. The reality is that for the first time in 12 years, the 5th Congressional district is represented by a man that focuses on what is "right and wrong, not left and right"!

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