Hey Virgil Goode; You no longer Represent the 5th Congressional District

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Former Congressman Virgil Goode continues to travel around the 5th Congressional District acting as if he is still in office. It would seem that Goode has forgotten he was defeated by Ivy Democrat Tom Perriello in November, 2008.

Goode is taking credit for funds earmarked in the $410 billion Omnibus spending bill passed by the House on Wednesday and expected to pass the Senate soon.

On Thursday, Goode made presentations at Ferrum college, Franklin County and the Booker T. Washington National Monument. Goode also reportedly presented faux checks at Estes Center in Chase City and at the HBR-Historic Boydton Renaissance.

There is just one problem with Goode claiming he is responsible for the funds. The 2008 omnibus appropriations bill that Goode would have voted on in 2008, was never voted on and therefore died at the end of the 110th Congress.

"Someone needs to break the news to Virgil Goode so here it goes: you're not in Congress," said Jessica Santillo, Southern Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "Goode's desperate attempt to claim credit for these projects is strange and inappropriate at best."

The funds for Franklin County that Goode is so misleading in claiming he was responsible for, is from the 2009 Omnibus appropriations bill. Legislation that Goode had no hand in.

Perriello did not vote on the massive spending bill, he was with family at the bedside of his father who suffered a stroke over the weekend. His office has made no comment concerning Goode's actions.

Updated: In reviewing the Virginia Republican Representatives votes on the Omnibus bill, the group led by Eric Cantor all voted against the bill. This makes Goode's audacity for making these claims even more ludicrous. Can anyone say "Party of NO?"

It takes two to tango...

...so it's not just Virgil who is at fault here, but the guys at Ferrum, and in Boydton and Chase City. There is a limit to how much of this Tom can do, lest he be seen as an arrogant young usurper who is just throwing his weight around, but someone locally needs to call them out? Will someone in Boydton call up the guys at HBR and say, "There's a new game in town?"


He has no job, no source of income other than fed pension, he needs to win in two years, he's just starting his campaign a little earlier than others. That said we all know Goode is a corrupt politician, look where he got his contributions and what he did as the pay off for contributors. An obvious quid pro quo, pay to play hack.