Brian Moran Airs First Radio Ad

(This is currently playing in the Hampton area. Promoted by FXBAmy)
Brian Moran for GovernorBrian Moran’s campaign for Governor will start airing its first radio today (Wednesday) in Hampton Roads. And, damn, it's a good one! It really hits home the long and exemplary record Brian Moran has serving the Commonwealth.

From the release:

The one-minute ad, titled “Standing Up,” features a testimonial from former Delegate Mary Christian of Hampton, a pioneer and leader in the African American community, about Moran’s strong record of fighting for the people of Hampton Roads and all of Virginia. Christian served with Moran in the House of Delegates until her retirement.

“As someone who served side-by-side with Brian for more than a decade, I can tell you personally that he’s always been there and will always be there for us,” Christian says in the ad. “Brian Moran grew up working class and he knows what it means to struggle.”

In 1985, Dr. Christian was the first African-American from Hampton to be elected to the state legislature since Reconstruction. She went on to serve nine consecutive terms representing Virginia’s 92nd House District. For more than twenty-five years, Dr. Christian was a professor at Hampton University in the School of Education.

The ad can be heard here.

This ad is part of a grassroots strategy building on Brian's growing support of local leaders, which in Hampton Roads includes Mayors Paul Fraim of Norfolk, Joe Frank of Newport News, James Holly of Portsmouth and Molly Ward of Hampton. Let's help Brian get this ad and more running far and wide. Send Brian some bucks today!

Brian Moran's ad

Eileen's recommendation for this ad is right on. I heard Brian Moran speak last September and was very much impressed. He spoke in a straightforward way, addressed the environmental issues that were of concern to our group, listened carefully to questions and gave realistic answers. He is the sort of governor we need for the new Blue Virginia.


This is so great. I'm so excited.

Brian's campaign is really starting to take off. I helped move furniture into his new volunteer office in Arlington recently and he has a really great, quirky, down to earth staff. As excited as I was for Dean, Kerry, Kaine, Webb and Obama, I've never seen a candidate better suited with such incredible policy proposals that speak so closely to how I feel and what we need to fix our economy and our environment. I know we have so many great events coming up St Pats Day, Shad Planking, farmers markets, fairs and festivals and I just can't wait for all of it.