Dave Foster Stakes Lead in RPV AG Contest

Announcing the outcome of pre-files for the Virginia Republican Convention, a Dave Foster campaign representative told those gathered at the Virginia Beach Republican breakfast this morning that almost three times as many pre-files were submitted in Virginia Beach this year over last. Apparently wanting to clear up claims in correspondence by one or both of the other candidates, Aaron stated that the outcome ended with Dave Foster receiving more pre-file forms than any other Attorney General candidate, followed by John Brownlee, and that Ken Cuccinelli finished last.

This announcement builds upon the earlier success of the Foster campaign in Alexandria, where he filed more committed delegates than his two opponents combined. About a quarter of the City/County filing deadlines have passed. Senator Cuccinelli has made a number of personal appearances at local events and seemed to be the preference of the local party leadership. However, Foster has demonstrated strong organization and ties to and support from state and national Republican groups.

Foster was a member of former Attorney General Bob McDonnell’s Internet Safety Task Force.