Liz Griffith for Fairfax County School Board

So here’s the deal – this Tuesday (3/10), voters in Fairfax County’s Braddock District can move the County Board forward by electing a Harvard-educated School Board veteran, Ilryong Moon , as the County Board’s first Asian-American Supervisor. If they are wise enough to do so, Braddock then gets a chance at a two-for-one special – Moon as their Supervisor, and Braddock’s Liz Griffith as his School Board replacement.

Her leadership among Democrats includes serving as a member of the FCDC Steering Committee and serving as one of the first leaders of the Brigades group of former Webb volunteers. But besides being a good Dem, she is also well suited to the School Board. Her experience includes a PhD in Political Science, four children who have attended Fairfax County Public Schools, and work as a high school teacher, former PTSA President and Program Director of a children’s summer arts camp. She is currently active on the School Board's Human Relations Advisory Committee, serving as chair of its Communication Subcommittee.

Liz went out on a limb for the Democrats 2 years ago, challenging an incumbent Republican on the School Board in her very first race – and coming only 153 votes shy of victory. She is well known among Democratic volunteers in Virginia for her enthusiastic and energetic work on the Webb and Obama campaigns. For Obama, she helped set up the volunteer leadership team in Fairfax County, worked Hampton Roads, and for her efforts was elected an Alternate Delegate to the Democratic Convention in Denver.

Her previous run for the School Board involved a listening tour that brought her to every school in Braddock district, during which time she met with everyone from parents to bus drivers about the state of our schools and how to improve them. This time, if Moon wins, he will vacate an at-large seat that the whole county gets a vote to fill. There will be a special meeting of Fairfax County Democratic Committee members on Thursday the 12th to decide whom FCDC will endorse for this seat.

I strongly encourage the Committee to endorse Liz. Besides her qualifications, energy and dedication to hard work, she represents a group that Fairfax Democrats clearly need to cultivate – what I call the Obama Generation. We can no longer rely on the core Democratic base voters, who are mostly older and white. We need to excite the type of voters who turned out for Obama but who often don’t turn out for state and local elections. It’s a highly diverse group that includes more young people, more minorities, and more professionals.

To turn on and turn out the Obama Generation, we need candidates like Liz Griffith who are part of that demographic and understand it – and who can help move the creaky institutions of our state and local governments into the 21st century.

Go Liz!

I volunteered with Liz in '07 and will be happy to do it again.



Meaghan McLoughlin is a much better candidate

As a leader of Fair Grade, Meaghan has demonstrated an ability to persuade people who were not initially supportive of her views to support her position and change the grading scale.

As a leader of a County wide organization, she has the kind of geographically broad based name recognition needed to carry an at large race.

Meaghan has worked in admissions at Georgetown and is a life long Democrat.

Before we get ahead...

...of ourselves, let's make sure that Moon actually wins on Tuesday. After all, there won't be an election if he doesn't come out on top.

I totally agree

-- however, with the FCDC endorsement meeting coming only 2 days after the special election, we will need to think about the former pretty quickly if we are successful in the latter.

Moon first, then Liz

This is a critical time for Fairfax Democrats as the ramifications of Gerry's election last November settle in.

There's no better, more dedicated Democrat in Virginia than Liz Griffith. She was a complete and utter superstar volunteer in Jim Webb's rag-tag army, a true organizer and a bedrock leader through good days and bad.

I got a call from the Liz people over the weekend

and they really need to NOT CALL EVERYONE ON FCDC BEFORE WE KNOW IF WE NEED TO HAVE THE MEETING. It's pretty annoying, to say the least.

Yes, but...

Sorry to hear about the aggravation, but keep in mind the constraints of a campaign that would last a total of two days if Moon wins (as I hope he does). FCDC members won't have much time or info to think about this endorsement decision before they make it.

The large number of people

The large number of people seeking the endorsement were, to the best of my knowledge, encouraged not to call FCDC members until after Tuesday. If Liz didn't get the memo, then she and her crew should have the common sense to wait until after this Tuesday's election.

Everyone has been in campaign mode for well over a year now, pretty much the 07 general election merged right into the Presidential primaries, then all of 08, then Bulova, now Moon, and then maybe a school board seat. One which is technically non-partisan. Everyone is pretty beat, and remember, everyone is still getting calls, emails and letters daily from the Deeds/Moran/McAuliffe groups, DPVA, the Obama people, everyone. I'm pretty close to the point that the next person who calls me on a Saturday afternoon with a political pitch will be the last one I support.

Now, if the candidates all want to come to the meeting on Thursday, if there is one, then great, they can give their pitch. Campaigning beforehand is pretty counterproductive IHMO.

Blame Scott Surovell for setting the FCDC meeting so close

after the Braddock special election and giving the at-large school board members 2 days to campaign for an endorsement. He' ll say the special election schedule doesn't give the D's a lot of time to make a choice. But he waited a week for the two day firehouse primary for the Braddock seat.

Some are saying this was done to wire the endorsement for one candidate.

Many saw this chain of events coming since last November. Why did the rules for this endorsement only come out 2+ weeks ago?

Who knows? I certainly don't.

The Fairfax School Board has alienated a lot of folks over the last 20 months with some very unwise actions.

Few on FCDC have kids in school and they appear to be giving the School Board endorsement very short shrift.

according to my research...

FCDC has encouraged prospective candidates seeking the endorsement to call through the list to promote a high turnout at the meeting and increase visibility for the race. In fact, FCDC has made it a point to give the phone numbers of members to all of the people seeking the endorsement.

Also, what are you doing over here in Fairfax? Mosby country is way out in Loudoun and south.

Because I live in Fairfax and

Because I live in Fairfax and am a member of FCDC?

I personally wish there were far fewer elections

but am grateful for those candidates who bother to call to answer questions and seek support.

Good Luck Liz...

Thanks for all the hard work you did here in Chesapeake for Obama. As you know it made a difference and he won Chesapeake. I know that you would dedicate that same energy into any responsibilities that you encounter and Fairfax County would be the beneficiary.

Moon and Sleep both lose.

Liz is going to have to wait. So are the high school kids. Tessie Wilson is reported by WashPo to have been particularly nasty toward Sleep during the work session yesterday.

Maybe Liz should consider taking Cook on in 2011 since rumor had it that School Board was really just a stepping stone to higher office for her.