Dynamic Duo - Brian and Karyn Moran

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More than a dozen blocks of Old Town Alexandria was packed with the largest parade and possibly the largest single public event during the Democratic primary Saturday, March 7. From South Peyton Street to North Fairfax and then left and up to Cameron, it was block after block, packed with people. It's hard to say how many were there because all around Market Square was jammed but the bottom line is the crowd was big and we kicked butt. As Pat Troy put it as we passed the parade reviewing stand: "Now that's some enthusiasm. Now we know who will be Governor."

Brian and Karyn Moran were all over the place criss-crossing the street to shake hands and meet the voters. Eventually the jacket came off and you see Brian literally running for Governor. This to me, is what a real campaign is supposed to look like. Below is a link to a great slide show of more pictures from David Solimini (staffer).

St. Patrick's Day Parade - Brian Moran

In the photos you can see Holly Newry, Keith Lutman, Chrisi West, Donald Bennett, Herb Smith, Frank Anderson and more. These are grassroots supporters who went to the mat for Obama last year. That is what genuine grassroots support looks like. We transcended any recapturing of the magic from the Obama campaign and shot right past to a new magic that is Moran for Governor. It was a glorious day and the Moran campaign was awesome!

McAuliffe was a no-show again. Apparently Mike Henry has advised Terry to "skip" Northern Virginia. After bailing out on the Mt Vernon Mardi Gras fund raiser, Terry has missed possibly the the largest public NoVA event during the Democratic primary. Certainly the biggest crowd this early in the campaign. The Mt Vernon event was the first of nine Fairfax County district fund raisers that we use to run our Red-to-Blue House of Delegate campaigns to convert 3 of the targeted districts (86th Rust, 40th Hugo, 42nd Albo) from red to blue. When Terry bailed at the last minute he hurt our chances to take the HoD in November. If he continues to miss these fund raisers and infuriate the local Dem committees because he can't hire enough people to bus in and steal the straw polls, he will be toast in FX County.

What's that? Alexandria is Brian's base and he should expect to do well there? That is true however, Brian and Karyn just got back from a very successful swing through Southwest Virginia talking about Brian's rural health program and boy did they cover some ground. Karyn Moran is a graduate of Radford University near Christiansburg and she set off on her own schedule to cover more areas and events. They brought back seven local endorsements from Pulaski, Marion, Bristol, and Scott County. Below is a link to a good video summary of Brian's SW tour:

Brian Visits Southwest Virginia

Not included in the video is that Karyn did a meet and greet at the Home of Radford Democratic Committee Chair Gail Montuori, toured Emory and Henry College, joined Brian at the meet and greet in Marion and joined the president of Radford University for a brunch.

Brian and Karyn make a great team and I'm not sure I've seen anything like it in Virginia? Having a wife like Karyn who is charming and down to earth and can hold her own across the Commonwealth at any brunch, lunch or meet and greet is a tremendous bonus for Brian's campaign. They are a force to be reckoned with and McDonnell doesn't stand a chance against this dynamic duo in November.

We also had a table set up for Brian in Market Square early in the morning to catch the crowds during the farmers market, Classic Car Show and Dog Show. We also slowly walked our wagon floaty thing back down the middle of King St (parade route) to join up with our group just before the parade began, so we had our own little separate parade just before the official parade began.

Lesson Learned: You can't blow up balloons to decorate your float/wagon in the middle of a crowded event without every little kid walking by asking for a balloon. Ergo, no balloons on the wagon/floaty thing I pulled in the back of our group.

I may have jumped the gun on the cross post?

I thought Raising Moran was ready to go but apparently it's not officially there yet. I was able to get the post up OK and it seems to be working right but it is in early release so keep that in mind.

Please join us

The new Moran campaign office in Arlington isn’t officially opened yet but they have electricity, plumbing, Internet, phone lines and phone banks set up. It is a work in progress but please join us for phone banking:

Monday - Friday from 05:00pm – 9:00pm
Saturday from 4:00pm - 8:00pm
Sunday 1:00pm-6:00pm

The soon-to-be-open campaign office is located at:

5401 Lee Highway Arlington, 22207

One easy route is to take 495 to 66 East. Exit on Lee Hwy and take a left back over 66 past Sycamore, past Joe’s Place Pizza, past a Sunoco gas station. Look for a CVS sign on the right and a Safeway sign on the left. Take a left where the Safeway sign is and it’s right there. It’s an old Hollywood Video and you should see some signage and huge window painting of Moran 4 Governor.

You can also take George Mason all the way to Lee Hwy, take a left and it's just a block or so on the right.

Pancake Breakfast in Alexandria yesterday

There was a good turnout yesterday for Brian's pancake breakfast fundraiser at Mango Mike's in Alexandria. Karyn is a real asset. She is well liked by the parents who send their kids to MacArthur Elementary in Alexandria.