Why McAuliffe?

McAuliffe's won me over. I don’t want a job with his campaign or his administration. I have never taken a penny from any candidate I have supported. I want what is best for my family and Virginia. I have concluded that Terry is the man for this time.

Terry McAuliffe moves in different parts of the progressive sphere than I. But ours intersect enough in the survival interest arena, that the areas where we disagree are overshadowed. I looked hard for a deal-breaking position. My first nudge was when I discovered that John Grisham supports Terry. Yes, influenced by a non-politician’s judgment. But meeting Dorothy McAuliffe was so telling by inference about the character of her husband, that apprehensions in that facet of the candidate were immediately wiped clean. And, though to now he has had reason to blow me off, he never has in passing. He’s a big man.

Here is something else. People who made it difficult to support Webb and Obama; members of the local Democratic establishment who have seen grassroots supporters not of their mien as interlopers and who have consistently angled for position with candidates they believe will feather their nests are the ones most threatened by this outsider. And by outsider, I mean a Virginian who has not cut deals with the establishment. And some of those deals are so patently patronizing as to indicate misanthropy. So if they are diminished by this candidacy, bring it on. But trust me when I tell you, some are already reaching out to cover their bets. There’s your principled groundswell; not surprising, just disappointing.

To be clear, I find nothing objectionable about being paid to work for any candidate in whom one really believes. I won’t just so I can walk away when I find a reason. Someone has to do these jobs and hiring a non-union, Republican business is not an acceptable alternative. A candidate should recognize talent and reward loyalty. I do, however, find wasting contributors’ money for support that should be the result of loyalty and mutual interest unethical on both parts no matter the rationalization.

For going on three years, I fully anticipated supporting either Brian Moran or Senator Deeds. I found them refreshing and the prospect of making the choice between them unpleasant. They have been wonderful for the party. I will support whomever is the Democratic nominee. However, I believe that Terry McAuliffe can best carry the case for Virginia. By the way, he has a plan that looks to be actionable. We will benefit from this fellow who doesn’t know how to take no for an answer.

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And by outsider, I mean a Virginian who has not cut deals with the establishment.

I would find this comment more believable had I not seen the picture you had in a diary in the other day. The picture included one of the names I threw out to McAuliffe when I interviewed him in December, a name he didn't know at the time. That person is an ultimate establishment member. So I have a hard time believing that no deal has been cut.

Further, I am aware of certain establishment members who are supporters of McAuliffe "sitting" on others, keeping them from endorsing Creigh or Brian. I doubt they are doing so without the McAuliffe campaign's knowledge and/or endorsement.

Just because you are not aware of these deals doesn't mean they haven't happened.

It is unfortunate that nearly all politicians (note I didn't say public servants, because I believe there is a difference) have to make such deals in order to get elected. It is a sad state of affairs today.

Well, I Haven't Been a Campaign Insider

So, I cannot comment about what the campaign has or hasn't done. But you and others are wrong to use the "prove a negative" logical fallacy to condemn without any supporting facts. The absence of evidence is more telling; the source and essence of reasonable doubt.


I have no idea what you are talking about. Care to clarify?


Just because you are not aware of these deals doesn't mean they haven't happened.

This is on the same level as saying, "Just because you are not aware someone is beating his wife doesn't mean he hasn't." Logical fallacies add absolutely nothing to the dialogue.

You made a similar comment

Look, Dan, when you said he hadn't cut any deals, you made a definitive statement. You didn't say, "to my knowledge he hasn't cut any deals." Had you said that, I probably would have never commented at all. But you said it as if you somehow have knowledge that he hadn't. I posted only to say that there are appearances that he has.

Show Us He Has

What I wrote is significantly different than using the absence of evidence to support an accusation.

We need someone whos more familiar with Richmond than Washington

And sadly Terry McAUliffe is not that person.

Spit It Out Vivian J. Paige

Whatever you got Viv, please do tell. We'd love to hear it.

I recognize that McAuliffe is a politician. Who is not a politician in this race?

Not talking about Brian here, but what is with all the holier than thou stuff from Brian's supporters? What is with Brian's employees recommending posts by Mike Stark et al? Blogs that have nothing to offer except recycled, unproven allegations.

I never divluge sources

And you all should know that by now.

As for politicians - that's why I said it was sad.

And I can only assume that the last part of your comment is not directed at me.

Directed Entirely to Vivian

I would imagine that it would be difficult to divulge a source, particularly a non-existent source, to confirm a claim, which is "disingenuous at best" as there is no evidence or reason to believe that it ever happened. Speaking of the "disingenuous Vivian Paige", I know it must be hard to see a positive candidate like Terry McAuliffe actually doing better than the guy giving you your marching orders this year.

But, dear Vivian, where is your outcry to your candidates acts of hypocrisy and back room deals? Is he still making those regular $7,500/month payments to a certain delegate to "win him the black vote?" It is unfortunate that Brian Moran has to make such deals in order to get elected. The Moran campaign is a sad state of affairs.

If Brian Moran is willing to say anything to get elected, we should make sure that he doesn't!

Mr. Hyde? Or Dr. Jekyl?

I haven't been frequenting BC lately and I'm floored that this has become the norm.

But, dear Vivian, where is your outcry to your candidates acts of hypocrisy and back room deals? Is he still making those regular $7,500/month payments to a certain delegate to "win him the black vote?" It is unfortunate that Brian Moran has to make such deals in order to get elected. The Moran campaign is a sad state of affairs.

I'm somewhat new to Virginia politics, Mr. Hyde, so you're going to have to spell that one out for me. Or is that just another example of being "disingenuous"?

When you say..

.. "hiring a non-union, Republican business is not an acceptable alternative" are you referring to McAuliffe hiring the BGR Group, lead by Republicans Haley Barbour and Ed Rogers?

McAuliffe has lost it

So How Is This Hiring?

This is raising money as far as I can see. Of course we can review contributions and expenditures on VPAP as they are filed.

I understand that Haley Barbour is a friend of Terry's. But I also understand that he has no involvement in the fundraiser. The National Journal was told by Ed Rogers: "I did not check with Haley, but I think I can speak for Haley: He will be against Terry [in this year's race], but if Terry gets elected, he will be Haley's favorite Democratic governor."

Now Mame likes to raise the question of fund raising from sources outside the state. It's going to happen. And at the time she decried Terry's fundraising, her candidate had already accepted out of state contributions form the likes of Citigroup.

This looks like a red herring.

Here you go...

Dan - great post. It is evident one cannot post their support for McAuliffe on here without receiving the wrath of the Moran campaign.

Lawyer Mama -- Mr. Hyde is referring to Moran paying Delegate Spruill $7500 to win over the African American vote (even while Spruill is serving in the House of Delegates). I've seen Spruill speak. If HE is Moran's hope to win over the African American vote, then good luck Moran.

And Vivian, it is clear that Moran is favored by the VA establishment. He is the local party guy it appears wherever he goes. By that, I mean he is favored by party insiders. I am sure some back scratching has occurred during Moran's campaign. Thankfully, these insider endorsements do not necessarily transfer into votes on the grassroots level. Thank God for that. The Alexandria insider establishment is definitely a mess, and I am glad they don't speak for me or the thousands of other Democratic voters in my area.

I don't think it's "wrath".

But it blows my mind - intending no disrespect to Dan - to read posts like this. It's really not a case FOR McAuliffe. I can't find one tangible reason why Dan supports him.

I also have to say - the other "for McAuliffe" posts I've seen have been very similar. I'm not sure why that is - but the "I Support Terry" declarations are woefully bereft of any reason tied to policy or agenda.

And I'm not an Alexandria insider - just a grassroots activist with great credentials for busting ass to support not just more - but better Democrats.

Late, but towards the end...

I do mention that he has provided an actionable plan for Virginia. But, I also believe the intangibles set him apart. Nevertheless, I accept your fair observation and I will strive to be more specific in the future.

Also Viv......

If you "interviewed" McAuliffe and this "establishment figure" came up, who are you compromising to tell us the name of said figure? Would you care to share your version of transparency? That would be a fascinating lesson in Orwellian communication, with apologies to Orwell, who fought this sort of deception.