Did Commonwealth's Attorney Arrange Opponent's Firing?

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Harvey Bryant, Virginia Beach's Commonwealth's Attorney has a challenger. And this morning that challenger is cleaning out his desk after being released from his position with the Portsmouth Commonwealth's Attorney's office. Mark Hardman, who announced he will be running for the Virginia Beach position has a lot more time to campaign.

Hardman recently announced that he will be running as an Independent against Harvey Bryant. Employed in the office Harvey Bryant requested to act as special prosecutor in the investigation of the notorious Sessoms/Obama flyers, he was informed by Earle Mobley that this presented a situation that would prohibit Hardman's continued service, or words to this effect. Bryant and Mobley are associated with local Republicans.

This calls to question whether there will be any effective investigation into the distribution of flyers at polling places in Virginia Beach that depicted Will Sessoms, who certainly is not a Democrat nor was he an Obama supporter, flanked by then candidate Obama. These were distributed at precincts with heavy minority populations. And, may have influenced enough votes to change the outcome of the Virginia Beach Mayoral race won by Sessoms.

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Who were the "real" Virginians?

I was at Gerry Connolly's bash last night--although to look at all the McAulliffe signage, it was hard to tell. I was getting signatures for one of the Lt Gov candidates. I walked into the crowd of Terry's supporters--after asking at least a dozen of them if they would please sign the petition, none of them could b/c they weren't Virgina voters--didn't have time to continue with emiprical research into how many of Terry's people could actually vote in VA--but based on my admitted limited sampling, I'd say that Terry's big "win" doesn't show much.