Sorensen Institute

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The Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership is a complete joke and their program should not be taken seriously by any residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia. In 2005, this institute allowed a convicted felon to graduate from their political leadership program. The institute was previously informed about this particular man's criminal background and it still permitted him to participate in their program.

The Sorensen Institute focuses on public service and the democratic values. By accepting a convicted felon into their political leadership program, it proves that the Sorensen Institute is a fraud.

The name of the convicted felon is Mr. Jeff (Yong) Ahn. Mr. Ahn is a former D.C. police officer who was found guilty of accepting bribes from the illegal sex trade business. During a FBI sting operation in 1998, Mr. Ahn was caught in the act of taking bribes and later that year pleaded guilty to the act. In 2000, Mr. Ahn tried to overturn his conviction, but the conviction was upheld in a higher court.

There is nothing more troublesome to society than a rogue police officer. Too often, good innocent police officers are killed in the line of duty because of dirty cops on their police force.

This is Unnecessary

Mr. Ahn is also President of the League of Korean Americans in Virginia. I was unable to find anything about his record. However, I can only think about the fact that there are many people, including myself, who firmly believe in helping those who want to have a second shot at life.

I see no reason to come on here and smear the Sorensen Institute so randomly. The Sorensen Institute is widely recognized throughout Virginia by the business community and by Delegates, State Senators, Governors, Congressmen and Senators as being a highly respected and influential program who's main goal is to ask people to step up and involve themselves even further in their Commonwealth either through non-profit work or stepping up to run for office.

I'd stand by every living Governor of Virginia's words versus some random thrust by a masked attacker.

Why would Sorensen screen for this?

I don't know much about the school but why would it be their responsibility to screen for convicted felons? And if the sentence was served, what difference would it make anyway?