Sorensen Institute

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If the Sorensen Institute is to stand for integrity, democractic values and community service, it must screen all of their applicants. Where is their credibility if the institute were to accept any Tom, Dick and Harry into their political leadership program? Should individuals, like John Gotti Jr., Bernie Madoff, Jeffery Skilling, Bernie Evers and Sir Allen Standford be allowed to enroll in the Sorensen Institute? Unlike these men, Jeff Ahn took an oath to the U.S. Constitution to protect and serve the society.

The term second chances in life is over played. In order to make that statement, an individual must demonstrate to society his or her willingness to show remorse and ask for forgiveness from society. In most cases, this is never done.

Face the facts, the Sorensen Institute failed the people of Virginia by not implementing an effective screening process prior to accepting individuals into their programs.

OK, I have a theory

You tried to get into the Sorensen Institute and were denied. Now you're taking it out on them and on Chap Petersen. Just a theory. See? I can make wild accusations too.


No, I never applied to the Sorensen Institute. I didn't want to waste my time