Did Moran Campaign or Generous Donors supporting Moran buy tickets for Connolly party?

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Bob Holsworth of Virginia Tomorrow reported that McAuliffe campaign has “resources and knows how to use them, in this instance arranging for donors to pay for 400 tickets for his supporters.” The Washington Post reported that “McAuliffe out-shined his rivals in both organization and spirit at the event, arranging for donors to purchase 400 tickets for his guests.”

So we know McAuliffe campaign did not directly buy the tickets for their guests - the tickets were donated to the campaign.

What about the Moran campaign? Did their generous donors buy tickets that were distributed to supporters? Not at the event, but before the event? I know a small donor with a big voice asked for free tickets (my, my, there was an expectation!), was told none were available, and then she generously bought three tickets and sent two to a supporter. She honestly admits this, even to the point of stating where she got the money from.

Why can not the rest of the Moran campaign be equally honest and admit that generous donors bought tickets that were distributed to their supporters? Nothing wrong with the act, any one is welcome to invite guests, or sponsor guests.

It is the silence that is deafening and bewildering, to say the least.

This controversy would have been no big deal, if the Moran campaign supporters had not gone haywire accusing the McAuliffe campaign of having bought the votes at the Straw Poll! I am a proud Virginian and I feel violated that the Moran campaign supporters think that people like can be bought for a sparse meal and some beer or wine.

Being vegetarian and not drinking wine or beer, to me the party was sheer support for Connolly and an opportunity to introduce my son (a dedicated Democrat) to our wonderful Congressman. And, what an introduction that was, as the gracious Congressman actually spent about 10 minutes discussing policy issues with my opinionated sophomore son.

Three cheers for Congressman Connolly!

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the same content should not be posted more than once, but when there are multiple angles by different posters, and different accusations, is it unreasonable to comment on each of the vitriolic observations? Sometimes, as in the recent case, the comment is fundamentally the same, with small changes.

I am sensitive to what you ask and will do my best to avoid such a situation.

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Why does anyone care 'bout Straw Polls?

They mean absolutely nothing. I almost question by a campaign which would bother squandering resources at any Straw Poll.