Senator Chap Peterson

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State Senator John Chapman Peterson who is better known as "Chap" won his state senate seat back in November of 2007. It was reported by "The Fairfax Times" that Chap Peterson received a great amount of support from the Korean Community of Northern Virginia. The Fairfax Times wrote in their article of Chap Peterson's win that Mr. Jeff (Yong) Ahn helped secure the Korean vote for Peterson. According to Mr. Ahn, he contributed to the victory by voter's registration, working the phone banks, raising money and day to day campaigning.

These are the facts on one of Chap Peterson's greatest supporters: Mr. Jeff (Yong) Ahn is a convicted felon and a former disgraced Metropolitan Police Officer.

As a police officer, Mr. Ahn made a good amount of non - taxable income by extorting money from various owners of massage parlors in Washington, D.C. An owner of one of the massage parlors became fed up with Lt. Detective Ahn's extortion tactics, she turned to the FBI for help. The FBI had Lt. Detective Ahn under surivellence for an entire year before arresting him in a sting operation in February 1998. Mr. Ahn served four months in jail before entering a plea agreement with the U.S. Attorney's office. Lt. Detective Ahn pleaded guility to the crime of accepting bribes as a public servant. The only thing that saved this rogue police officer from serving a longer jail time was his cooperation with the FBI. There was an attempt made by the FBI to catch then Mayor Marion Barry in an act of receiving a bribe. The FBI was going to use Lt. Ahn's wife, Azita Ahn in this sting operation. Mayor Barry was informed about the sting operation and the plot was never carried out. In 2000, a U.S. Appellate upheld Lt. Detective Ahn's conviction.

It has been documented by several news programs and periodicals, how horrible the illegal sex trade business is for young women. These women are locked up in dirty basements all day and receive little food and water. Some of these women are not even old enough to work legally in the United States, age 16. These women are misled by evil men who promise them jobs and a better life in the United States.

Instead of protecting these young women against this dangerous enviroment, Lt. Detective Ahn profited from them very handsomely. Today, Mr. Ahn represents himself as a community leader who promotes the democratic values of Thomas Jefferson. What a contractidiction?

Apparently, State Senator Chap Peterson never saw a conflict by having a convicted felon on his campaign team. The questions that people have for Chap Peterson are: (1). Was there a pay off to the Senator? (2). Was there dirty money involved in his campaign? (3). Why have someone who is prohibited from voting work on your campaign?

The problem for Chap Peterson is: Chap was informed about Mr. Ahn's past during the campaign and he failed to act appropriately.

Byallowing a former corrupt police officer to work on your campaign, it is an insult to the men and women of law enforcement.

I'm prohibited from voting

and I work on campaigns. It's not illegal to register voters just because you're not a voter. I'm not defending Mr. Ahn (because I have no idea who he is), just saying that your third question is pointless.

fairer, more balanced, and with more disclosure

For a much more nuanced account of Ahn's arrest, interrogation, plea, and appeal, as well as the broader context of the FBI/Marion Barry cat and mouse saga, check out this lengthy Washington City Paper article -

If the author of this post is trying to get Sen. Petersen to atone and reform or risk the support of his constituents, she or he would be better off disclosing any biases or conflicts of interest. Even if the author of this post is trying to uphold law enforcement and/or protect innocent women, she or he only undermines the effort by posting this information in this way at this time.

Mr. Ahn pled guilty, cooperated with the FBI, and served his time. I'm guessing that to this day he claims he never really did what he pled guilty to, and the evidence, at least as described in the City Paper article, seems a lot less clear-cut than one would think from reading this post.

Had I known all this before the 2007 election I still would have campaigned for Chap and enthusiastically voted for him. Not only did we rid ourselves of a bad State Senator, but we dealt a huge blow to her husband's political future.

Chap seems to be performing well, and it's hard to imagine at this time a challenger emerging who could cause me to stop supporting Chap.

Not that he needs my advice, but if this is the best the author of this post can do, I'd advise Chap to ignore her or him.

No Clear Sources

in this article makes it difficult to check anything claimed.

More unjustified is the implication that there was any impropriety on Chaps' part. If there was any money involved, dirty or not, the author should have been able to uncover this from campaign finance reports.

Do your homework before you post, please!

taking my own advice

I wish I had looked at this poster's other posts before I commented on this one. This person has a big problem with the fact that Ahn was admitted to The Sorensen Institute after Ahn's guilty plea. After her or his attacks on Sorensen were dismissed here, she or he picked another way to lash out. My advice to my fellow commenters of apparent good will and myself is to ignore everything this poster has to say, unless and until she or he joins the reality-based community.

Chap Peterson

To defend my points about the Sorensen Institute and Chap Peterson, it should be stated:

It is against the law in the Commonwealth of Virginia for convicted felons from voting in local, state and federal elections. The only way that a convicted felon can regain his or her civil liberties is to appeal to the Governor of Virginia. It is factual that convicted felons have regained their voting rights and other civil liberties in the Commonwealth of Virginia. However, it is a very lengthy process and many convicted felons never complete the process according to the state library of records in Richmond.

People who disagree with this blog should read the law before making comments about giving second chances to convicted felons. The Sorensen Institute and Chap Peterson were made aware of Mr. Ahn's criminal background before entering into a relationship with him. This is not slander nor defamation of character of Mr. Ahn, these are the facts. It is in bad taste for a public official, like Chap Peterson to be seen with past criminals. Also, by allowing a convicted felon to enroll into their political leadership program, it proves that the Sorensen does not have high admission standards for any of their programs.

In the case of Ahn, he committed his crime in the District of Columbia which makes it a federal offense. Therefore, it will take an act of Congress to restore Ahn's civil rights. Mr. Ahn has never made an official nor sincere apology to anyone for his past crimes. Mr. Ahn must make an apology to law enforcement, public officials, both the residents of Washington, D.C. and Virginia. Until he admits wrong doing, nobody owes this man a second chance.

Mr. Ahn has promoted himself as community leader since his termination from the police department. Mr. Ahn has muscled his way to become president of two Korean American Associations: The Korean American Dry Cleaner's Association of Washington and the League of Korean Americans (LOKA). These two associations forced Mr. Ahn to resign from his post as President. From the directors of these associations, Mr. Ahn has been given four or five chances in life.

I am very familiar with Mr. Ahn because he and his wife asked for my help with their dry cleaning business and LOKA.