This Virginia Beach Grassroots Activist Supports Terry McAuliffe

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The time was the heat of the 2008 election. Sleep was at a minimum. Rest could come after the most important election in our lifetime was won. Until victory was certain, every moment wasted was one that could never be recovered.

The constitutional republic established by our Founding Fathers was teetering on the edge of a precipice. It was the ordinary man who succeeded in establishing our glorious experiment in government. And it was the duty of we common men and women who followed to repair that same government.

This historical understanding of duty to country was felt by many. Hundreds of volunteers donated their weekends, canvassing from the Combined Campaign Staging Area Station I ran from my garage. Some indicated that they were extremely sorry they had not taken this step four years ago, feeling a personal guilt for the pain our country had experienced because of their lack of action. They were a team of the politically experienced and frightened novices. But they were all one - brought together by a common purpose.

Our garage became a frenetic campaign office. Family vehicles were banished to the driveway and neighboring streets. My husband & friends brought food, fearing for my health. The dog was stressed to the point of requiring a veterinarian visit. But my focus remained on only one goal - electing the Obama/Warner/Nye team. That is.....until I heard the rumor that Terry McAuliffe was considering a run for Governor.

At that moment in time, 2009 should have only been a passing thought of the future. But the excitement a "McAuliffe for Governor" campaign generated was exhilarating - even during a time of physical exhaustion. Would it really happen?

People who know me well consider me a "hard sell". It is a rare politician who earns my allegiance on a personal, rather than issue or party based choice.

But this man - Terry McAuliffe - was one who had impressed me during an earlier campaign effort with the vitality and enthusiasm he exhibited on a 24/7 basis. Should he be elected Governor, I had no doubt that the Commonwealth would benefit from four years of tireless promotion of Virginia's interests. And we, the citizens of the Commonwealth, would be the beneficiaries.

Terry's announcement at Nauticus was my first chance to hear his extremely detailed stance on the many issues currently faced by the Commonwealth. I was blown away by his intelligence, grasp of the issues, detailed answers, and plans - real plans, not just a plethora of words used to sidestep a hard question.

This man, in the midst of one of the biggest announcements in his life, stopped his speech in mid-stream to inquire where his young son was going when the child wandered away from his seat. With absolutely no hesitation the candidate was replaced by the father for the moment it took to assure his child would be safe. The candidate then immediately returned to the issue he was previously discussing. When I met Dorothy McAuliffe at the Virginia Democratic Women's Caucus Breakfast I mentioned the incident. She told me that he was a wonderful Dad. And the sincerity of that statement was never in doubt, as I had witnessed it in action. Just as diligently as he watched over that young son, he will watch over the well being of our Commonwealth.

And do we really want to continue campaign seasons filled with vicious smear campaigns where statements are twisted into meanings never intended? Or would we prefer a candidate who vows he will never criticize a fellow Democratic candidate? Let's all join together in support of that promise.

It was surprising to read a blog on this site indicating that there are absolutely no Grassroots Activists in Virginia Beach who support Terry McAuliffe. This enthusiastic Virginia Beach Grassroots Activist strongly supports McAuliffe for Governor. And many of my most dedicated volunteers join me in support of a man who will make intelligent, pragmatic decisions that benefit all Virginians.

When the Primary Season has ended we will all work together to assure that a Democratic candidate succeeds our Governors Warner & Kaine. Until that time comes I will work tirelessly for the man I am convinced will be an amazing cheerleader and proponent of Virginia interests. Help me elect Terry McAuliffe Governor. He can, and will win. And the ultimate winner will not be Terry McAuliffe, it will be Virginia.