Terry McAuliffe: Sleeping with the enemy

Terry McAuliffeDemocratic National Committee superstar and Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe spent some time last evening at a fundraiser.

While that isn't a shocker as we all know politicians spend a considerable amount of time at fundraisers for their campaigns; what is shocking is WHO was raising money for McAuliffe last night.

The fundraiser was hosted by Republican political operative Ed Rogers at the prestigious BGR lobbying firm, a firm that has been 100% until 2008 when it started accepting Democratic clients.

Rogers shares ownership of the firm with Haley Barbour, Vice-Chair of the Republican Governors Association. Rogers and his firm have worked tirelessly to defeat scores of Democrats nationwide, including President Barack Obama last year.

Considering that McAuliffe worked to defeat Obama last year too, he and Rogers actually make for good bed buddies. I mean, why wouldn't Rogers want to raise money for someone else who had Obama in their cross-hairs? I wonder though; what else does McAuliffe have in common with Rogers and other Republican political operatives?

I, along with the Brian Moran campaign, find McAuliffe's association with Rogers offensive. We worked hard here in Virginia to get Obama the nomination and win Virginia in the general election. For McAuliffe to toss that work aside for a few dollars is disappointing.

Moran Campaign Manager Andrew Roos said:

"It's offensive to see Terry McAuliffe raising money with the likes of Republican operative and lobbyist Ed Rogers. Rogers joined Rush Limbaugh and others in raising racially and religiously charged attacks against then Senator Obama. It's sad that in the same week Terry McAuliffe aired a radio ad claiming credit for helping to elect Barack Obama, he's holding a fundraiser with someone who did everything he could to defeat him. We need people who stand up to partner with President Obama in the White House not people who condone these kinds of Rove-style attacks."

Activists throughout Virginia really need to consider who they are supporting this year. We need a governor who has been there for the people of Virginia and will fight for progressive values; not a newcomer to Virginia politics who's willing to take a dollar from anyone (unless those donors are making the evening news).

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I'll take a candidate who can raise money from Republicans over one that takes Dominion $$. Which will have a bigger impact on the things that really influence political decisions in the Commonwealth?

Ditto Dominion

Dominion will always try to have both the old and the new dominion state or commonwealth. Do we let them continue to buy us?

The problem with millionaires

is that they are stuck in this mindset of never spending any of their own money. So Terry feels like he has to raise money from wherever he can. Even if it's from a Republican operative who kept repeating "BAH-ruk HussEIN Obama" on Hardball, and who said Obama is "able to get away with platitudes."

More gems from Ed Rogers:
"Obama doesn't have an economic plan. He has an ideological belief that he should take money from one person and give it to another."
"You can grow your way out of the deficit!" (responding that we should neither raise taxes nor borrow money from China)
"McCain is a legitimate opponent of the status quo in Washington."
"Obama's never done one hard thing in his life and you know it!"

McAuliffe campaign responds

See here:

“The Republican Party isn’t being shy about the resources they are going to put into this race. The McDonnell campaign just recently said that they would “break every fundraising record in Virginia.”

“Terry knows that the race for governor is going to be very competitive, which is why he is working hard to ensure that he has the resources he needs to build a large grassroots campaign. His ability to work with individuals of both parties, including those at the bipartisan BGR Group, is one of the strengths he brings to this campaign, and it is a skill that will serve him well in the governor’s office.

“With all of their concern about associating with people who attack Democrats, only one campaign in this race is actively attacking other Democrats. And it’s not Terry McAuliffe. He’s going to stay focused on how to create jobs in Virginia.”

And saving jobs!

Don't forget about the 2200 workers that T-Mac told folks in Lebanon VA will be "out on the street" if we shut down Surry. (Source)

What's that you say? Surry hasn't opened yet? Odd... then how can there be folks "out on the street". Oh, and those are construction jobs, eh? There will be only about 150-200 permanent jobs?

False hope delivered on folks who can least afford to hear it. How disingenuous, Mr. McAuliffe!

Who should be allowed to do a fund raiser?

If a Republican supporter does a fund raiser for a Democratic candidate it could mean only one of three things:

1. It is a show of potential bipartisan support - which is merit based rather than party based
2. It is a great strategy to get negative publicity for the Democrat, just as Joel and allegedly the Moran Campaign represented by Moran Campaign Manager Andrew Roos have stated above
3. The Republic supporter has a personal relationship with the Democrat

Is any of this a bad thing? Is any of it something any one should make a big deal of?

I know a leading Republican Technology company CEO in the DC Metro area who was President of an entrepreneurial organization some 3 years ago. At the Annual Banquet, Mark Warner was the Keynote Speaker. The Host President concluded his introduction of the Keynote Speaker - "Governor Warner, you know I am a staunch Republican but please remember what office you ever decide to run for, you have my support and that of all my other friends who are Republicans. We love what you have done for our Virginia and we will always support you." The same Republican hosted a fundraiser for a Democratic candidate who was from South East Virginia, just because he wanted to support her.

I am as strong a Democrat as one can find, but should Tom Davis run for office, in a heartbeat I will support him, volunteer for his campaign, and work as hard for him as I can. I thank the Lord that Connolly did not run against Davis, as that would have put me on a spot as I would not have known whom to support!

When Clinton-Obama primaries were on, many is the state where the Republicans went and voted for or caucused with the candidate they felt was easier to beat at the general elections. So if the Republicans fear McAuliffe will be harder to beat at the General Election, it would be good strategy to have him lose the Primary :)

When Rogers did the fundraiser for McAuliffe, I am sure most of the attendees were Republican friends of Rogers. Is that not wonderful? That gave McAuliffe an opportunity to reach out to Republicans and tell them there are no Democratic problems and Republican problems. There is no Republican economy, and no Democratic economy. It is all just Virginia problems and Virginia economy.

If McAuliffe can get more Republicans to host fundraisers, it will be wonderful! With Republicans convinced that McAuliffe is the best Governor, I am sure many of the undecideds will also support McAuliffe.

Not bipartisanship

An issue often pointed out is candidates taking money from large, powerful, corporations. McAuliffe himself has declared he would not take money from Dominion Power, stressing that his views on energy policy will not be bent by the possible large contributions that would come his way.

If McAuliffe understands people’s concerns over a power company giving him money, should not those same concerns be applied to a group who have shown themselves to be vicious attack artists against Democratic candidates and policy? Reaching across the aisle while debating legislation is one thing. Taking their money is entirely different.

This is not a show of bipartisanship. It shows how McAuliffe is willing to lend his credibility to a firm that is trying to lure Democratic candidates as clients, and accepting money from their fundraiser as the trade. This calls into question the integrity of the firm, for “no servant can serve two masters.” The fact that they now have McAuliffe to raise as an example of someone willing to associate with them is a blow to the Democratic party, and should be a warning to Democrats in Virginia.

its the hypocrisy of it all...

In January at the ACDC meeting, Terry spoke about how he wouldn't take money from certain special interests, how he wanted to run a grass roots campaign, and how since he had a personal fortune he couldn't be bought. I just find the idea of him taking money from a republican lobbyist to be incredibly hypocritical and patently disgusting. Anyone who really believes Ed Rollins motives are on the up and up is an idiot. I would also like to point out that Terry didn't have a problem when Rupert Murdoch threw a fundraiser for Hillary because that wasn't an attempt to buy influence or anything.

How strong was Terry's support for Barack Obama?

Terry is intensely loyal, and he fought hard for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries. Terry has been good friends of both Bill and Hillary Clinton for a long time. During the primary, Terry chaired her presidential campaign. He was pro-Hillary, not anti-Obama.

As soon as the primary fight ended, Terry led the charge for Hillary Clinton supporters to get behind Barack Obama. Before Hillary and Obama went to Unity, NH, Terry emceed an event with Hillary and Obama to help bring the party together. He toured 30 localities in Virginia doing events for Obama – canvass kick-offs, Get-Out-the-Vote rallies, and fundraisers. While many pundits speculated that Democrats would have a hard time unifying behind Obama’s candidacy after the long primary, exit polls show he won 92% of Democrats here in Virginia.

Terry is thrilled that Barack Obama was elected president and supports his efforts to turn this economy around. That is what he wants to do for Virginia.

Last October 2008 I had the pleasure of listening to Terry McAuliffe in person at the Prince William County Democratic meeting. Terry told us that after Hillary Clinton dropped out of the race he went on campaign tours to promote Barack Obama's candidacy for United States President in November of 2008. He told us stories of what occured during the TARP vote in Congress and how John McCain canceled the first debate appearance to rush back to the Senate to persuade his reluctant Republican Congressional colleagues to vote for the TARP fund bailout in early October. He even advised us as to what to say in response to the challenge of Barack Obama's policy of taxing the income of families over $250,000. I also remember watching appearances by Terry McAuliffe on the Morning Joe show at MSNBC where he said he had been advocating for Barack Obama's candidacy ever since Hillary conceded the primary race to Barack.