Delegate Dave Albo Lies About His Votes

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It’s one thing for Delegate Albo to constantly vote against women’s health care and prevention methods. But he enters a whole new level of hypocrisy by flat out lying to his constituents about these votes.

When a number of Del. Albo’s constituents e-mailed him to question his vote to DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD, he e-mailed them back and denied he did such a thing. News flash Delegate Albo: votes are recorded and accessible online to all your constituents!

Delegate Albo’s email to his constituents began “It’s great hearing from you and I appreciate you taking time out to voice your disappointment. However, I did not vote for defunding Planned Parenthood.” (

The simple truth is Del. Albo did vote to completely defund Planned Parenthood in Virginia. He voted in favor of Budget Item 4-5.04#2h, which said “j. Medical Services: No expenditures from general, special, or other nongeneral fund sources may be made out of any appropriation by the General Assembly to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. or any subsidiary or affiliate thereof. Explanation: (This amendment is self-explanatory).” Just as the budget amendment is self-explanatory, so are Del. Albo’s actions.

Unfortunately, the citizens of District 42 cannot count on their own Delegate to share his voting record. So we’re going to take it upon ourselves to make sure all of Delegate Albo’s constituents know how he votes….and how he lies about his votes after the fact.

Delegate Albo, if you want to defund health providers that work to prevent teen pregnancies and HIV/AIDS in Virginia, that’s your prerogative. But at least have the backbone to stand by that.


this is a politician at its worst. it's bad enough that albo represents part of fairfax county and votes against providing quality health care for women, but for him to lie and cover up his anti-choice views is just despicable. it is time for albo to go.