Out of nowhere, Bowerbank launches an ad

John Bowerbank has launched an ad entitled "Leadership". This is a well done, professional quality, television ad. Likely the best to have come from any LG candidate so far. I guess this is the kind of stuff a campaign can have created for them when the candidate is able to fund it himself.


Bowerbank is somewhat an enigma for me. On paper, and on video, he seems like a quality candidate; however, put him in front of a room of people, and it's a bit stunning how short he falls. The few times I've heard him speak, I've walked away wondering exactly what he said. At the Young Democrats JJ reception, he utilized some sort of formula dealing with 3's that supposedly tied the significant issues Virginia faces together and represents a comprehensive solution. I didn't understand the formula, and no one around me understood either. In fact, we exchanged some awkward, confused, glances. My description of the formula is what I think he was trying to get across. Unfortunately, nothing got through.

Honestly, It seems like he's been a non entity in this primary race and I was expecting Bowerbank to announce that he was dropping out of the race. Instead, he's launched a well polished ad. It makes me wonder what he's got up his sleeve.

[X-Posted from Virginia Beach Progressives]