McAuliffe Responds to Moran Attack

Another day another controversy in the Virginia Governor's race.

First, a bi-partisan group, BGR, which had once been lead by Republican lightning rod Haley Barbour hosted a fundraiser for Terry McAuliffe. Barbour is no longer involved in BGR. The Moran campaign jumped on the opportunity to denounce the event as "offensive". And now, the McAuliffe campaign has responded.

Via NBC12

“The Republican Party isn’t being shy about the resources they are going to put into this race. The McDonnell campaign just recently said that they would “break every fundraising record in Virginia.”

“Terry knows that the race for governor is going to be very competitive, which is why he is working hard to ensure that he has the resources he needs to build a large grassroots campaign. His ability to work with individuals of both parties, including those at the bipartisan BGR Group, is one of the strengths he brings to this campaign, and it is a skill that will serve him well in the governor’s office.

“With all of their concern about associating with people who attack Democrats, only one campaign in this race is actively attacking other Democrats. And it’s not Terry McAuliffe. He’s going to stay focused on how to create jobs in Virginia.”

It seems to me the two campaigns are going toe-to-toe. Moran is working the moral outrage angle, while McAuliffe continues building a campaign which can win in November. One thing is certain, Virginia will be a stage for real political theater all the way through November, and every issue is on the table.

Disclosure: I have endorsed Terry McAuliffe for Governor

Nice distraction

Talking about Haley Barbour and avoiding Ed Rogers.

"McAuliffe has been close to Rogers and his original partner at BGR, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour (R). McAuliffe partnered with Rogers, Barbour and other D.C. lobbyists in a downtown restaurant, the Caucus Room, billed as a political insiders' hangout when it opened at the start of the decade."

McAuliffe Criticized For Ties to Lobbyist - WAPO

This is the same Ed Rogers who repeatedly attacked Barack Obama over the past 2 years and would parrot "Barack Hussein Obama" as if he was being paid $10k every time he said it on national TV. He was doing this back in the primary when it mostly benefited the campaign Terry was running as campaign chairman. You can see him in these video clips:

Raising money with this guy is outrageous and unforgivable and you should know that.

Meanwhile, Dominion is Fundraising for Moran

How's this for a distraction.

pot, meet kettle

Mark Warner’s Policy Director?

I'm sure Senator Warner will be thrilled you are smearing his former policy director. I would suggest people read the comments.

Don't distract from the issue at hand

Are you or are you not comfortable with Brian Moran's extremely close ties to Dominion Power? If so, I'd be curious as to why.

The issue at hand was Ed Rogers

Which is what Josh was trying to gloss over. As for your smear about Dominion, as long as Brian continues to swamp Terry on real environmental issues like decoupling and forcing Terry to copy his renewable energy mandate and doesn't try to distract us with chicken poop, you've got nothing here but smear.

The truth is a smear, eh?

OK, as long as you're comfortable with a candidate who has received $46,800 from Dominion Power, who voted FOR the Wise County coal-fired power plant, who would not co-sponsor Chap Petersen's superb Clean Energy Future Act (despite heavy lobbying by my friends at CCAN), who talks about Virginia as the "Saudi Arabia of coal," who says that "We can create the research necessary for carbon sequestration so we can develop cleaner coal" and that "We need to make sure we’re pursuing the research to make sure it’s a viable source of energy." Oh yeah, and he's holding a fundraiser tonight with a Dominion Senior VP. The bottom line is that Brian Moran is a strong friend of Dominion Power and "cleaner coal." Using actual evidence - and yes, we all know that Brian says he's against the proposed Surry Plant, kudos for that - how about refuting any of this? Of course, it's so much easier to call everything that doesn't support your candidate a "smear."

this is so productive

You're absolutely right: The democratic party should just ignore to Dominion Virginia power all together and no democratic law maker should ever talk to them under any circumstances and maybe they will disappear. Furthermore, I like your suggestion that we should not use coal in any capacity what-so-ever and just put everyone in southwest virginia out of work. I agree with you that the energy problems will solve themselves if we just remove coal from the equation and deal with chicken poop for our energy needs. Finaly, I like your stance that Responsible leadership and smart, realistic compromises are for suckers.

I like Mark Warner, but

Working for Mark Warner doesn't absolve a person of everything they ever do in their lives, as much as you might wish it could.

Just in case anyone here wants to pay $5,000

to hang with Dominion's Senior VP, here's the invite. Enjoy!


I can't seem to find the Moran statement on the frontpage.

Moran is happy to get in bed with Dominion

It's no smear to point out that somebody who worked for Mark Warner now works for Dominion, it's just a fact.

Especially when they talk like

Terry M Audio and Clean Coal

Not only does he support the Surry power plant but he supports "clean coal" as well. And my goodness, Terry's support of the Surry plant is certainly causing him political problems in Tidewater - bummer. And no wonder - all that crap a Surry plant would toss into the air would pollute the air in one of the most densley populated areas of the state, drive up cancer rates, asthma, etc., etc., etc. And Terry would be long gone to deal with THAT fall-out.

Full Disclosure: I love you tube!!

And Lowell, could you call Terry and let him know the Surry plant is NOT operating yet? Terry seems a bit confused about this.

Oh, and is it me, or is Terry developing symptoms of the dreaded "John Kerry Syndrome." Terry was against the Surry plane before he was for it. I think he is confused - he needs to start drinking some green tea and sign up for the nearest Poloties class. Here is an excellent resource you might pass along to him.

And in his current state of confusion, make sure he understans it's PILATES, not PLATIES:



If people want to read Moran's statement and info on this issue:

Thanks Joel

It's linked on the word "offensive".



and for the record

it was linked before you made this point.


...wouldn't think otherwise. ;-)

MaCauliffe's Dominion Money

Macauliffe is not free from receiving money from folks at Dominion. Eva Teig Hardy, former V.P., at Dominion and now a lobbyist for Dominion, contributed $5,000.00 to MaCauliffe on December 29, 2008.

Hardy also has an in kind contribution for "event services" but I have no clue what event this was. What is interesting is that a $100,000.00 donation was made the same day s Hardy's but I do not know if this donation was related to event Hardy was involved in. Anyone no anything about this event? Inquiring minds want to know!

Wow!! Another in-kind contribution by a Dominion executive, Christopher Rivers - and it is dated the same day as Hardy's. Could it be this event was a Dominion event for MaCauliffe? No, absolutely not! Those supporting MaCauliffe would never support a candidate receiving money from Dominion - they're too pure!

And it was so easy - all MaCauliffe had to do was support the Surry power plant and the coal hacks at Dominion opened their coffers.

So Lowell?

Are you or are you not comfortable with Terry McAuliffe's extremely close ties to Dominion Power? If so, I'd be curious as to why.

Unlike you, Todd...

I'm willing to say when I disagree with my candidate. If I were Terry, I wouldn't take on penny from Dominion Power itself OR from its employees, at least until Dominion fundamentally changes its ways. Now, will you say the same about Brian and admit that he's been less than perfect from an environmentalist perspective when it comes to Dominion and coal?

I didn't issue the original purity test

and don't care as much about contributions as I do about how McAuliffe gained his personal fortune. What I have tried to focus on is their clearly stated positions and where they want to take us. Brian is fully committed to renewable energy and decoupling, which will allow us to pursue large scale efficiency programs while T-Mac copies Brian's polices and is still far behind.

McAuliffe's lobbyist ties are just beginning to unfold at Washington Post

McAuliffe's Ties to Lobbyists Run Deep

And what is with this ridiculous accountability plan of his? After getting burned early on on his "Enterprise Zones" which already exist in Virginia, he just listed out a bunch of stuff that already exists in this new plan. Does he not live in Virginia? We already have sunshine websites, searchable online budget, database of government contracts and clawback provisions in state incentives. I can't tell if this is incompetence and lack of knowledge or shameless cheating?

Lobbyists and other items

On your point about lobbyists and McAuliffe, what about Moran? McAuliffe knows them in Washington and Moran knows them in Richmond. What's the critique here? Oh and Deeds knows them too. So, doesn't seem like I should use this as a qualifying factor in my vote. Unless, you tell me that knowing the Richmond ones is more important.

On your critique of the accountability plan, I think you must have never attempted to look through the budget online. Yes, it's online. But it is just all the scanned PDF documents. It's searchable only in the sense that you can use the search function in PDF. It is not in a form like XBRL. And asking a specific question like what the state's education funding allocation is to say Charlottesville is not something that is easy to find. As far as sunshine goes, yes the state of Virginia does a good job of putting a lot of stuff online. But do you really feel that transparency is as good as it could be at say VDOT or the Department of Natural Resources? I think for example, on these PPTA projects, VDOT does a really poor job of making the development and award processes transparent, but maybe you think they do a great job. But if you do, I'd ask how much you know about the I-95/I-395 HOT lanes.

And last, you keep repeating decoupling. And I have noticed a good deal of people don't understand what it really means in practice. So, do you think most residential electric consumers know what decoupling will mean for their bills?


"Show Terry McAuliffe what you think of him campaigning with Republicans like Ed Rogers by contributing to Brian Moran's campaign today."

Can we stop with this?

Unless any of the Democratic candidates are receiving money from Pat Robertson, Bernie Madoff or Satan himself, let's drop it. So, Ed Rogers wants to help Terry out because they became fast friends in the talking heads circuit, BFD! So, Moran takes a check from Dominion, BFD! If Republicans and/or Dominion want to help underwrite Democratic campaigns, FANTASTIC! I welcome those contributions with open arms.

If any of the Dems want to do a unilateral disarmament here, it's a dumb idea, but good luck with that! I'm sure that McDonnell would be more than happy to take that money in our stead. Or better yet, if ya'll could just point those donors in my direction, I'd be happy to take the money.

And as far as Dominion throwing a fundraiser, unless it is held in Ibiza with a life-size, ice-sculpture of David that urinates vodka, then save it! Cause really, what is the story here? Otherwise, this back and forth over who is taking money from whom is ridiculous.


"Pat Robertson, Bernie Madoff or Satan himself"

That's a triple redundancy.

We have clear ties from one of them to McDonnell

not saying which.

MaCauliffe's RR/Coal Ties

"The Thoroughbred of Transportation Delivers Horse Power
At Norfolk Southern, coal is our specialty. For more than 100 years, we have linked an energy-hungry world with its vital resources. In that time, we've developed an expertise in sourcing, blending and moving the highest quality steam and metallurgical coal in the world."

Maetallurgical Coal:

And execitves at Norfolk Southern are contributors to MaCauliffe as well, one of which was dated the same date as those of Hardy's. I guess Dominion and MaCauliffe need to ensure they can get coal delivered to the Surry plant. Good job Terry!


$3,500, oh no! Stop the presses! McAuliffe is in league with big rail!

Hold your horses there, Orpheus! Guess who else has taken money from Charles Moorman? Creigh Deeds ($2,500) and Jody Wagner ($1,000) and the Moving Virginia Forward PAC ($5,000). David Goode has given the same amount of money to Moran's campaign and Wagner's campaign. Uh OH! Big Rail owns the Democratic Party! =P

If the only thing that buys Norfolk Southern influence are these paltry contributions, then we have a lot of cheap tricks in the Democratic Party.

"cheap tricks in the Democratic Party"

You said it, not me.

Thanks, Orpheus!

good to know...


Politics is still an invigorating

contact sport, I see. Just so long as the ultimate candidate is not irretrievably injured by friendly fire during the primary, go ahead, have at it.

I'd add so long as you remember the enemy is T-Bob.


Meanwhile... a bunker hidden somewhere in an undisclosed location in Virginia, Bob McDonnell counts his money, bides his time and rubs his greasy little hands together. He can't wait to be GOVERNOR!!!

No one cares

I frankly don't care who McAuliffe takes money from. One kind of funny thing about McAuliffe's report? Madeline Albright writing a check for 2,300, clearly thinking that she was giving the max for the primary.

Also, Dominion Power has given close to 600K to politicians in this state over the past year and a half. Deal with it. By the way, there are also some wonderful people on that invite list who are great philanthropists.

My grandfather used to have a saying: The best way to get back at someone is to take their money. Just because you take someone's money, it doesn't mean you're beholden to them. Unless that person is Madeline Albright--then you best do what she says.

Go Creigh!

Meanwhile, in homes throughout Virginia, Democrats who are sick of this nasty bickering notice that there's a smart, upright, longtime and strong leader we can all vote for on June 9th - Senator Deeds of Bath County! (not that Brian and Terry aren't smart, upright, longtime, or strong leaders, I just like Creigh more).