No Shame for Bush’s Brain

In a Wall street Journal "editorial" here today, Karl Rove, destructo, who engineered the worst presidency in modern American times and helped wreck the economy, blames Barack Obama for the budget deficit. Rove says the deficit Obama inherited was $569 billion (not true). By extension, he suggests that any increase in that amount is Obama's fault. There’s the small matter of lying-while-budgeting. That figure did not include the Iraq war, the war in Afghanistan and other expenses that have been shifted off budget to keep us from knowing what the Bush wars were really causing. Not once was there an honest accounting. And that doesn’t count the masking of defense’s true cost (say, by pretending that the cost of the nuclear weapons complex is about energy). Or by not placing Homeland Security and Veterans Affairs within the defense budget. No, I am talking about leaving billions and billions of money --trillions over time-- off the books altogether). And now, when Barack Obama honestly puts all war funding and eliminates Bush accounting tricks, Rove blames –Barack?

It's especially disconcerting because Rove did this. His buddy George did this. Rove/Bush's economic war on the American people did this. Their exploitation of the health care system and Medicare did this. Their degradation of the environment did this. And their off the books war (which Barack brought on budget so the American people know the truth) did this. Bush presented a propaganda piece in lieu of a budget, a manifesto of deceit. For good measure, Bush waited two years from when he was warned the economy would tank. (Obama warned him then too.) Bush ignored the deepening crisis until September, 2008, when his disinterest and delay became costly indeed. The worst thing is they did this, at least part of it, on purpose. This has been a major effort to construct disaster"capitalism" on steroids. From the guys who create crises, just make them up and then benefit by the spoils.

It really is appalling how utterly shameless Bush’s Brain really is. But then brains have no conscience. And Bushes brain isn’t even all that smart. It knows one thing: Power. All else is compost.

Rove claims “Americans are worried…” Well, yeah. Because of him and what he did/didn’t do. He took this country for a ride, abused us, upended the Constitution, and trashed this country, its laws, its resources. And we are more than worried. We are mad as hell. How can Rove hold his head up in public. A more good-for-nothing there never was. And he oughtta be ashamed. But that’s not his MO, is it.