Attention Public Access TV Stations, College TV, Retirement Communities with their own cable TV

As you all have seen, the Founders of Blue Commonwealth have been very accomodating and have strongly encouraged the all volunteer TV Inside Scoop team to post our weekly show schedules, a live viewer for when the show is being web-cast and Also the URLs for each recorded show after it has aired.

There has been increased interest, especially in the interviews of state-wide candidates and occaisional political debates, not to forget to mention the national show that Mark Levine has been doing weekly also. To further distribute this public interest content state-wide to more voters, TV Inside Scoop has joined with the volunteer team at . Any other stations that wish to have "re-broadcast" quality copies can download these 58 minute shows already in Mpeg2 format ready for local TV Server automation systems at no cost from PEGMedia. An arrangement has been made by which the network is being used to facilitate the huge 1 Gig or more downloads. Those interested should go to and join the network of stations nation-wide that are already downloading content for free.

We will still provide smaller low resolution streaming video via Google and UStream.TV for individuals to watch on the web. But this new arrangement is a good way to get solid information to additional voters who watch Cable TV in it's various forms.

Candidates Pay Attention

If you're a candidate in VA looking to get some air time, I highly recommend you connect with good ol' Used2Bneutral.