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This last election was a contest between a failed model of campaigning and one that was resolutely positive in explaining that we must confront a nation and world that was destroyed by the policies of the last eight years. Senator and now President Obama prevailed. He is now confronting the calamity of the destruction of the American economy and the failed foreign policies which led to a resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan.

The campaign saw Senator Obama the target of some of the most vile and repugnant campaign practices imaginable. The emphasis on his middle name, his association with Ayres and his pastor who used hateful language are but a few that come to mind. Senator Obama was resolute in his focus on the future of our nation.

And where did the purveyors of that campaign filth go after their defeat? It appears that the campaign that lost has found a new home. But we will not dwell on that. Terry McAuliffe has been adamant about not responding to these kinds of slurs.

Virginia is at a crossroads. The state has the opportunity to become a forward thinking model of enterprise, education, economy and the environment. Terry McAuliffe has demonstrated that kind of innovative think which has resulted in paradigm shifts at every stage of his life. He set up businesses as a teen ager where other kids were mowing lawns and washing cars, He demonstrated the ability to turn around businesses by engaging in leadership which envisions new opportunities. He revitalized a political party which had been devastated by tactics which we now know brought the country to ruin. We are fortunate in that there are three fine candidates for governor from the Democratic Party. But the future of Virginia is clear and the past with its divisions is no longer adequate for this century.

We can spend our time responding to people who went given a platform fill the air with political pollution. We will not contribute to that except to characterize it as negative and unproductive. There is simply to much to be done. We will bring people together, we will use our collective intelligence, we will focus to the contributions we can all make. We will align ourselves with the forward thinking energy policy of President Obama. We will make sure that for the first time in 8 years that we do not leave children behind. We will value all of our children equally. We will value all work from the person who fixes the new hybrid cars to the fisherman who tongs oysters from a now cleaner Chesapeake Bay, to the new high school and college graduate who will make the State of Virginia a model for all other states to emulate and who will work productively for the next 50 years when given the appropriate education and freedom to create and succeed. A leader is only as good as the people who back him. Terry McAuliffe is gathering people to his positive and forward thinking message and record of success.

Dr. Wiatrowski

A few Comments.........

First of all, thank you for the opportunity to respond.

Secondly, pointing out facts is not a slur. Many postings and diaries on this blog have well documented sources pointing out many of the inconsistencies in Terry McAuliffe's statements and positions on the issues, past and present. Facts are facts - and if McAuliffe chooses not to respond and defends his words, that is his choice. But it is important to flush these facts out during the primary so that everything is on the table. If we as a party wait to have this discussion, discussions concerning these issues will take place in 30 second commercials in the heat of a fall campaign, leading to disasterous results for our party and other candidates. The problem is that McAuliffe's past is so controversial on many fronts that he doesn't want to talk about them. If Terry wants to clear the air, he has the ability to do so himself - call a press conference and tell all about the Global Crossing deal, the Florida land deal, etc., and get it out there. I understand that carries huge political risks - but he certainly knew all of this when he decided to run.

McAuliffe's strategy is to bury the other two campaigns in money, run 30 second warm and fuzzy commercials and win the primary by default with the high name recognition he has and will have as a result of the money advantage he surely will have.

And lets face it, McAuliffe is no stranger to the rough and tumble world of politics. Whether it was with Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton or as the head of the DNC, McAuliffe was no stranger to throwing mud - and thick mud at that.

McAuliffe carries huge risks as the nominee - better to find out now what is out there rather than finding it our in mid-October with him heading the ticket.

I know my comments really don't fit into your Stepford world described above, but that is politics.


I don't know who you are, Orpheus, but I love you, man!

You Are Too Kind Eileen

just doing my part to keep our democracy moving along.

Read his book, do some research, and meet McAuliffe

I was concerned with most of the issues you raise and looked into all of them. The facts will surface and they will only trouble the Republicans because these shallow insinuations are without merit. Guilt by association is a Republican charade we should avoid. And Terry has responded when libeled.

Really, rise above this level of rhetoric.

Oh Come On......

what a pile of crap. Can't you do better than that? Do some research? Been there, done that. How do you think I found this stuff? And there is more out there. So, tell me speciifcally what you were troubled by, in terms of the issues I raised and what your research turned up to soothe your concerns.

And Dan, this IS what the Republicans will do - that is what has concerned me. A lot of this crap is not insinuations and there is a lot of merit to it. Even if it is insinuation, it IS what the Republicans will throw at him in the fall. We need to hear from Terry on this stuff so Democratic primary voters can decide if their is merit to it and if he is deserving of the nomination.

Way to raise the level of the rhetoric

If by research you mean finding the existence of accusations that support your predisposition to a conclusion, that doesn't cut it unless you want to carry on a dialogue with George Noory or Art Bell. Where is the merit? I cannot prove a negative; no one can. It is up to the accuser to provide the evidence and I searched. I did not come into this campaign predisposed to Terry; quite the opposite. But discovering nothing of merit in the slurs and a lot of substance in his proposals, the tide turned.

If I worried about what the Republikans would do, I would worry about the thrashing McDonnell would give the business plan Brian just threw out.

There is a link in my previous comment where Terry did respond as you demand. But it is not Terry's job to take counsel of fears and spend time plotting a defense against every possible contrived slur. He is discussing leadership for Virginia.

Well I never promised not to raise....

the level of rhetoric nor has Lowell, etc., or anyone else on the MaCauliffe side.

And I guess it's okay to have access to executives at telecom companies, who give you options to buy the stock low and sell it high before the whole company comes crashing down and takes with it money that small investors had in it. So lets take your side - are you not worried about voters in today's economic climate looking at this and saying "geez, another guy with insider access who makes millions while the little guy takes it on the chin?" It may not stink, but it sure doesn't look right.

Okay, page 319 of his book

tells the story and it is nothing out of the ordinary nor what you have depicted.