Editor's Note

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Hey everyone. This is your friendly site Admin. Just wanted to update the community on a few changes to the Blue Commonwealth starting this weekend.

1. You may or may not have heard that there were some serious security concerns among the front-pagers' group last week. As a result, it was necessary to scale the number of default-front-pagers on BC back dramatically. Previously, we had 40, currently we have 13. It was a fun experiment to have such a large crew, but unfortunately a few people proved for us that it couldn't work.

From now on, if you'd like to request that a post be front-paged, just shoot an email to editors@bluecommonwealth.com, and we'll be happy to promote your post, assuming it meets our standards (more to come on standards next week).

2. Previously, non-front-pagers weren't allowed to embed videos, again for security reasons. I fixed that, so now everyone can. Knock yourself out with video.

3. I'm going to open up the press list to the community in the next few days. Look for a new site feature that will display campaign press releases like blog posts (while keeping them separate from the main blog).

4. Never hesitate to provide feedback. If you've got suggestions for how we can make BC better, either hit the Contact BC tab up top, or just email admin@bluecommonwealth.com.

That's all for now. Enjoy your weekend, and happy blogging!

~ code/Admin