400 Chesapeake residents sue Brian Moran's bag man: Dominion Power.

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Dominion is one of Brian Moran’s major contributors… Dominion both donates and facilitates fundraising for Mr. Moran. Meanwhile, Terry McAuliffe refuses to take Dominion’s money.

I know what the Moran camp is thinking… McAuliffe doesn’t need their money, Moran does (especially if he plans on trying to compete with Bob). Which leads to another point worth mentioning… Terry McAuliffe owes Dominion nothing, Terry owes nothing to the law makers and lobbyists in Richmond.

Any fellow Virginians starting to have a case of Déjà vu?

Scenario: Virginia faces budget deficit and hard times. Virginia elects a wealthy and successful businessman with long ties to the democratic party who is able to finance his own campaign. The innovative and independently wealthy businessman cleans up Richmond mess, using business sense developed outside of Richmond. Businessman/Governor is effective, especially since he is not entangled in the ever evolving web of favors owed to lobbyists and fellow politicians in Richmond.

Back to the coal…

Brian Moran touts an anti-coal energy policy. I happen to believe that is the right thing to do and am glad the issue is being forced. However, I don’t believe that a coal plant in Surry is any worse than a coal plant in Wise County…or anywhere else for that matter. Why did Moran support a coal plant in 2007 and not this year? Surely not because Mr. Moran is running for governor. I’m also sure that the good folks at Dominion Power are pretty peeved at Brian Moran for taking this type of stand against their coal plant, right? WRONG:


I’m not sure I get it. You oppose a Dominion business deal and Dominion, in return, gives you thousands to help you to win the election? Maybe they want you to be indebted to them? Maybe Dominion Power recognizes political grandstanding when they see it?

So who’s “the severely disingenuous” ?

That being being said... it's still all about the economy. It's still all about job creation. That's why Virginia should hire Terry McAuliffe.

Brian, Good Job!

Buit McAuliffe HAS taken Dominion money. A day late and a dollar short my friend!


I don't see where Terry has taken anything from Dominion...

Your link doesn't even mention Dominion... cut and paste the wrong link?

It's not about anybody owing Dominion

Dominion is the second largest investor owned utility in the country. It ranks 161st on the Fortune 500. They are headquartered in Richmond. It is the 5th largest Fortune 500 company headquartered in the state. Even without the tons of political contributions they make, they are a force in Virginia. McAuliffe is not going to cut them off at the knees. If you think he is going to make decisions to hurt Dominion or that any elected official in Virginia would, you're dreaming. Even if he tried, there is the General Assembly which last I checked when Big D says jump, they say: "How high?"

Just to be clear, the proposed plant in Surry is not Dominion's. It will be ODEC's.

Thanks, tx2vadem

Thanks, tx2vadem, for staying so informed and up-to-date on this issue! Your comments are always informative and helpful to the debate.

Right, exactly.

And Brian voted for Dominion's plan (Wise) but says he opposes the NON-Dominion plant (Surry). Hmmmm.

Link to the bill, please

Lowell, be a honey and drop in here a LIS link to the exact bill where Brian supposedly voted for the Wise power plant. That's all we need - just that one link to the Legislative Information System page and nothing more. Thanks!

False Dichotomy

This entire Dominion, coal, Surry issue. No one has a choice here between one candidate who is perfect on the issue and on who is not.

It is easy to skewer Moran on things because he has a long record of serving Virginia. McAuliffe has no record in public office. We don't know how he would or wouldn't have voted on the Electric Utility Restructuring Act or the re-regulation bill 2 years ago.

I agree

Bigger picture-wise, I agree with you, tx2vadem. But the devil will be in the details when it comes to comparing the candidates on this "Dominion, coal, Surry issue". That's why we need Lowell to provide us with the actually LIS link to that supposed bill where "Brian voted for Wise".


Good point... ODEC not Dominion did the Wise plant... but again coal vs. coal... has Moran said what the difference in his opinion is?


This post may be one of the most amazing Rove-style attack peices that I have ever read. Do you have a soul?

Let's recap...

Brian Moran takes money from Dominion. Terry McAuliffe takes money from Dominion executives AND hires Dominion executives to work on his campaign.

Terry McAuliffe calls for a 12% mandatory renewable energy standard which makes Dominion happy. Brian Moran calls for 25% which Dominion doesn't like. Terry McAuliffe is forced to change to 25% or else lose environmental vote.

Terry McAuliffe says "I won't take money from Dominion."

Terry McAuliffe gives you money raised by his Dominion power staff from Dominion power executives.

You write this negative post about Brian Moran.

You're ridiculous. How do you sleep at night?

I have a problem with the term bag man

with the connotations it clearly wants readers to infer.

First, let me reiterate that I am neutral in the Gov's race. I will criticize and support the candidates (and their supporters and advocates) on the basis of content, not because of a predisposition towards any of the three men aspiring to the highest office.

So let's consider a few facts.

1. Virginia allows unlimited contributions
2. Dominion is a major corporation in the Commonwealth, one whose wellbeing affects a large number of jobs
3. Bundling of contributions is not illegal in Virginia
4. McAuliffe's entrance in the race changes the shape of financial support necessary to win the primary
5. Given the focus of the Republicans nationally, this race will be very expensive in the general election
6. The last two gubernatorial cycles demonstrates that Dems can raise the 25+ million necessary to compete with Republicans.

Now with that as context, implying that because someone works for Dominion - or on the other side organized labor - somehow would disqualify from them from active support, including raising money, for a particular candidate is (A) wrong; and (B) given the current status of campaign finance laws in Virginia, silly and even dangerously stupid.

Show me a direct connection, pay to play for example, and we can discuss whether or not a set of contributions is inappropriate.

I am an ordinary school teacher. I have been known to make a contribution to get in the door to talk with a candidate for office. That may be a candidate I have little intention of supporting beyond that nominal contribution. Does that make me hypocritical, because I want to be heard on an issue about which I care? Perhaps we might prefer things to be structured differently, but until they are asking a candidate to unilaterally forgo resources necessary to compete is silly. And as the late Jesse Unruh, big daddy of California Democratic politics, is reported to have said:

If you can’t take their money, drink their whiskey, screw their women, and vote against ‘em anyway, you don’t belong in the Legislature

It is legitimate to raise questions about why someone supports a particularly candidate, and how they go about it. just as it is legitimate to raise questions about previous actions and statements by candidates.

It is NOT appropriate, IMHO, to engage in the kind of personal destructiveness implied by terms such as "bag man." I don't care who uses such expressions - it is descending to a level of personal attacks that is more than inappropriate and destructive of the polity of our party, it is - again IMNHO - mot morally justifiable. Unless you believe the end you seek justifies any means of reaching it.

And if you do believe the end justifies the means, then how could you object to the legal raising of money to achieve the end of a successful campaign?

"Virginia is the Saudi Arabia of coal" -Brian Moran, 2004

"Moran's position on the Surry plant appears to run contrary to his stand on a coal-fired plant scheduled to be built in Wise County. As a member of the House in 2004, Moran voted to authorize the Wise project. Last year, when environmentalists tried unsuccessfully to derail the Wise plant, Moran was quoted on the blog Raising Kaine as supporting it, remarking that Virginia was the "Saudi Arabia of coal." Washington Post
Friday, January 23, 2009; Page B05

McAuliffe: In His Own Words

The point is this...

...BOTH Moran and McAuliffe have supported coal. Only one candidate is literally running their campaign on Dominion Power's resources... (pun intended)