VAYD Convention Opens with Stellar Rap

(maggiebeth will be blogging from the VAYD Convention all weekend. Look forward to excellent coverage -- code)

Dave Wasserman, house race editor of the Cook Political Report, kicked off the 2009 Virginia Young Democrats Convention with a few words on Charlie Cook who then took the stage to discuss our impressive wins in 2008 and where we can go from here. In September of 2002, a young state senator from Illinois came through their offices and Cook confessed he told his staff there's “no way he’s gonna make it.”

Cook described 2008 as a perfect storm of politics. Bush had terrible job approval rating. Half the votes party needed to win had to come from people who already thought he was doing a terrible job. The Republicans eroded their core value of competence and the country was hungry for change.

Then again, we all lived and know it. But it sure was nice to hear Cook's tidbits he picked up from his Republican friends such as one Congressman who asked was Sarah Palin "A stroke of genius or just a stroke."

Cook also gave a heartening analysis of the current state of the party. According to Cook, Democrats are holding up in national polls. President Obama has an approval rating around 60 percent when he got about 50 percent of the vote. "There's a strong desire for him to do well," Cook said. "One word used to describe Obama in September was inexperience. Now it's intelligent People are not so sure of the specifics of the policy but they like him and they’re giving him the benefit of the doubt."

We took some time to break into committees, and Jennifer Bisset officially gavelled us into session at 8:03. After adopting our temporary rules and dealing with a little housekeeping items, we're off to do some progressive partying and campaigning for VAYD offices at the Charlottesville Omni. My good friend Sarah Buckley is running for the VP Political position. Check out her facbeook page here!

Mayor Dave Norris reminded us this evening that we are in a town that four years ago didn't even hold a Republican convention. It's a good time and a good place to be a Young Democrat!

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I like Cook. He's not always right, but he knows it. And he NEVER gets tired of talking politics, no matter how many appearances he makes.

YD's for Brian Moran

Brian Moran picks up endorsement of Young DemocratsThe former presidents of the Young Democrats and College Democrats of Virginia join with a number of Students for Barack Obama, Virginia Young Democrats and College Democrats leaders in endorsing Brian Moran on the eve of the Virginia Young Democrats Convention.

Brian Moran will speak to their convention in Charlottesville this Saturday (today!) at 10:45 a.m.

The leaders cited Moran's commitment to education, his focus on the future and his long history of fighting for Virginia Democrats. "Brian has proven to be an effective legislator and a true fighter for the progressive values that will keep Virginia moving forward in the 21st century," said Eugene Resnick, former president of the College Democrats of Virginia Federation.

Moran championed the largest investment in higher education in the state's history which kept tuition lower. He has also fought to expand student financial aid and co-authored a community college transfer program to make community college students' four-year education more affordable. Moran is the only candidate to oppose a new coal plant in Surry and to oppose offshore drilling. His healthcare plan includes expanding the age students can stay as dependents for health insurance to 26 so more young adults remain insured.

"We are honored that these young Democrats have put their trust in Brian Moran to lead this Commonwealth's future in the right direction," said Dominic Gabello, Political Director of Virginians for Brian Moran. Gabello is a former two-term President of the Virginia Young Democrats. "I know what young people can do when they get behind a campaign, and Brian's excited to work together with them once again."

Generation Brian Moran

Please note that not ALL of

Please note that not ALL of the former presidents of VAYD have chosen to endorse Brian and ALL of the candidates will be speaking at our Convention today. This is definitely a time of unity!