Why I Support Brian Moran for Governor

Brian Moran understands what it takes to do right by the environment, and he doesn’t cave to special interests that falsely pit the environment against the economy as his opponents have. His unadulterated opposition to the Surry coal plant near Williamsburg and to drilling off our beautiful clean Virginia coasts not only protects our environment, but it protects the health and economic welfare of our Hampton Roads community. Moran's record on the environment while in the House of Delegates earned him a perfect score from the bi-partisan League of Conservation Voters in 2008. Like President Obama, he knows that the economic health of Virginia and the Nation depends on a new "green" way of doing business. For renewable energy to find its home in Virginia, we need a forward thinking Governor who thoroughly understands that we can't solve 21st century problems with 19th century fossil fuels. Brian Moran's "Green Virginia" program will bring good jobs to the Old Dominion while protecting our environment.

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Let me offer a partial compliment

in that you are advocating FOR your candidate of choice without slamming his opponents, beyond the one comment about his opponent pitting the environment against the economy. I actually think your statement would be sufficiently strong enough without that aside. I would suggest that while a comparison is not out of line, it needs to be supported by a level of detail you do not provide in the diary, and which if you did would detract from the forcefulness of a positive statement of support. It would be totally appropriate to do a separate diary comparing the three candidates on this (or any other) issue that matters to you.

Still, compared to some of what we have been hearing from partisans, I wanted to compliment you on this.

Thanks, teacherken!

First, I don't think it's "slamming" to comment that Brian Moran's opponents have falsely pitted the environment against the economy. It's a statement of fact. To say "slamming" is far too severe, and is a little revealing of your choice in candidates, IMHO, and that's cool. Actually, my use of the word "unaltered" is closer to "slamming". But anyway...

I could go on and on about how Brian Moran is the far better candidate when it comes to environmental issues. I have in bits and pieces in other blog posts and comments. Sometime soon, I'll write a bigger piece that pulls it all together. I primarily posted this summary support statement just so as to be on the record here at BC as to why I'm supporting Brian Moran, to link to his Green Virginia plan and to encourage others to submit their own personal endorsement statements.