VAYDs Welcome Creigh Deeds

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(Full disclosure: I am a Deeds supporter, but I'll try to remain neutral in my reporting today as possible.)

We just welcomed our first gubernatorial guest - Sen. Creigh Deeds! His donkey, Harry S. Truman, is the official sen of this area harry S. Truman is official mascot of the University of Virginia Young Democrats and we're excited to have him home here in Charlottesville!

"I'm running because I think public service is a great calling in life," Deeds said. "And I'm running for governor if we're going to build on the legacy of Mark Warner and Tim Kaine we have to have a nominee who has proven he can go toe to toe with Bob McDonnell in debates and elections and can compete in every corner of Virginia."

At the age of 17, Deeds hitchiked down to the crossroads at Millboro Springs to get his first job at summer camp. According to him, that summer opened his eyes to hunger in the face when a camper asked, "You mean we eat more than once a day here?" Sen. Deeds then realized things have to be done and "I have to have a role in the future."

During his time in Richmond, Deeds has tried to be guided by David and Goliath -- a big heart and a well thought out plan and an absolute passion and commitment to your cause can help you overcome. Political insiders and political families might think they are the best for the job, Deeds said, but if those people were good, "George W. Bush would've made a heck of a president."

In the end, Deeds said, this election is not about politicians, it's about voters. We have to talk about our future and decide where we want to go. Virginia has the best system of higher education in the country but the state legislature has not always lived up to its responsibility. As Governor, "I'm ready to take up this challenge on day one," Deeds said. "We need to deliver above average support."

NC Taxpayers pay $2 at UNC for ever $1 VA taxpayers pay at UVA. Dramatic rises in tuition could level out if we paid our fair share. By then end of his term, will guarantee that everyone who has played by the rules, done well, and wants a place in one of our universities, will have one. Cost will no longer be an obstacle. We must also re-tool our community college system to take laid off textile workers and help them become something like pharmaceutical manufacturers. "You can't compete for the low wage jobs; they're always going to go where they are lowest," Deeds reminded us. "You have got to compete for the smart jobs!'

Deeds promises job creation through energy innovation. NC Governor Luther Hodges in 1960 got the general assembly to appropriate $200,000 and raised another $1.8 million to create the Research Triangle. People laughed at him, but nobody laughs now. Deeds suggests we plant that sort of seed now to attract energy-based research to Virginia. We don't need a physical Triangle, but we can coordinate our research and resources and dominate the national energy economy for the next 100 years.

"When you read the history of the American Revolution, you read the history of Virginia and Virginians. And we can be the story of the energy revolution now . . . let it be here!"

Creigh is David and I think

Creigh is David and I think he's going to slay goliath (McAuliffe). Wish I was there to watch him speak. He may not be the most polished, but he always delivers a good message.