Brian Moran Speaks to VAYD Convention

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When he began as House Democratic Caucus leader, there were only 33 Democrats. Now look how things have changed in Virginia!

Moran discussed the importance of having another Democratic governor. "This is a grassroots campaign from the bottom up, not the top down!" These are difficult economic times, and "I am running for governor because in these difficult times we need a leader to fight . . . and that is what I will do as your next

Moran said he grew up in a family of Roosevelt Democrats where he learned government can play a positive role in people's lives. He has proposed creating a federal economic stimulus watchdog to make sure all the money coming to Virginia is spent wisely. Those Republicans want us to fail and we cannot allow this.

In addition to FDR Democrats, Moran said he also grow up in a family of seven kids. He worked several blue-collar jobs to put himself through college and law school. At the end of law school, he did not join a large firm, but began his public service as a prosecutor. "I worked to ensure the equality of all Virginians."

A fighter in the Governor's office will make sure we have good schools, strong health care, better transportation. We need to make sure the Virginia is the best place to live "It's one thing ot say you'll govern like MW and TK but it's another thing to have been the trenches fighting the Republican.

Bold, progressive solutions will move Virginia forward. Moran was the first to lay out an energy plan which will create tens of thousands of new jobs by manufacturing wind turbines. Moran says he is the only candidate who opposes off-shore drilling and the Surry Coal plant.

As a small business owner, Moran has proposed a small business creation tax credit which will also generate jobs and stimulate the economy. Worked to create the Earned Income Tax Credit but "we must make it refundable," Moran says. Moran says he has fought to increase the minimum wage. "No one should have to work a forty hour week and be living in poverty."

Requiring health insurers to keep young people on their plans up to the age of 26 people here loved that! Moran also wants to stregthen education across the Commonwealth.

"Public service is not about the politicians," Moran said. "It's about the people we are fighting for. . . The next governor must have the courage to fight to get things done. I am humbled and proud to ask for your support and vote to be that next Democratic governor."

See my comment about Deeds in

See my comment about Deeds in the previous post. He's the real David against Goliath, but Moran is certainly better than the Macker.