McAuliffe Arrives at VAYD

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As national party chair, McAuliffe gave more to the YDs than any other chairman. He also gave $5 million to Tim Kaine. He's playing well with these folks. "If you can get Young Dems to vote for you three times, you've got 'em for life!"

McAuliffe said he moved to Virginia 18 years ago. He has had every job you can have in the Democratic Party. He said he began as Jimmy Carter's finance secretary at 23. "You get to say whatever you want when they're not paying you," McAuliffe said of his volunteer experience in politics.

Specific job and energy plans were praised in a recent Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial. (The RTD endorsed Gilmore for governor -- what an accomplishment for a Dem!) McAuliffe promises not to raise taxes or cut services, so we've got to create jobs. And McAuliffe knows jobs, starting his first business at 14 with a driveway paving business. "You've got the think creative about what we do in Virginia!"

We need a Megaproject in Virginia, according to McAuliffe. And we're not bidding on companies such as Toyota, International Paper, and other manufacturing jobs. All of the jobs have gone to six southern states, and we did not get a piece of the pie. "As governor, I'll negotiate every one of 'em," McAuliffe said. We are getting to numbers which rival the Great Depression.

McAuliffe has privately invested in wind farms and biodiesel. We can't bring these energies to Virginia without a mandatory renewable energy standard. We then miss out on the biggest opportunity for jobs -- green jobs.

The money raised by this job creation would go toward program such as pre-kindergarten. "I want smaller classes K through 3," McAuliffe, said. There is a direct correlation between the number of children who fail their reading assessment at the end of third grad and how many prison beds exist 15 years later. McAuliffe also wants to lower college tuition. According to McAuliffe, we don't do a good enough job commercializing patents at our universities.

"You can't create a job unless you have a great education system," McAuliffe added. "You can't have a great education system without a great transportation system. It's all interconnected."

McAuliffe also proposes paying our teachers the national average, in 2018 we won't be eligible for federal highway matching funds because we won't have the state grant, instituting high speed rail, and getting rid of the Dillion rule which centralizes state governments. McAuliffe also reiterated he will donate his salary as governor -- but "it's not about me not taking a salary, it's about what I can do."

Now we are off to finish our elections. I will give you your new VAYD Executive Board shortly!

I haven't heard specifics on what McAuliffe wants to do

The question has to be "Why is McAuliffe running for governor". He's given loosely based answers on promoting jobs without explaining how to do it.

Creigh Deeds is running on creating a bi-partisan redistricting.

Brian Moran is running heavily on an energy and environmental plan.

McAuliffe says "We'll make more jobs".

two people txt me from the

two people txt me from the event and said Deeds was the best!