Creigh Deeds

VAYDs Welcome Creigh Deeds

(Full disclosure: I am a Deeds supporter, but I'll try to remain neutral in my reporting today as possible.)

We just welcomed our first gubernatorial guest - Sen. Creigh Deeds! His donkey, Harry S. Truman, is the official sen of this area harry S. Truman is official mascot of the University of Virginia Young Democrats and we're excited to have him home here in Charlottesville!

"I'm running because I think public service is a great calling in life," Deeds said. "And I'm running for governor if we're going to build on the legacy of Mark Warner and Tim Kaine we have to have a nominee who has proven he can go toe to toe with Bob McDonnell in debates and elections and can compete in every corner of Virginia."

Deeds Doubts Uranium Mining Study

Source: Star City Harbinger

"Senator Deeds doubts science and sense behind uranium study"

Senator Deeds has serious reservations about whether uranium can be mined in Virginia. He looks forward to reviewing the study, but he believes that our top priorities must be to ensure the protection of our water supply and the safety of all workers. He is not convinced that uranium mining can meet either of these requirements.

For Virginia, Creigh Deeds

He may have been elected Commonwealth's Attorney, Delegate, and State Senator in the Shenandoah Valley, but Creigh Deeds knows Virginia as well as any candidate for Governor in recent memory. Sen. Deeds passed through the Fredericksburg area many times over the years; first as House Democratic Caucus Chairman, then as the Democratic nominee for Attorney General. So when he spoke to the Stafford Co. Democrats earlier this month at their First Annual Jefferson/Jackson Dinner, he probably didn't need to stop for directions.

But not everything is about the next election.

Creigh Deeds - Commonwealth Conversations Tour

While I am enjoying all the back and forth between the Moraniacs and the Mackers in the Virginia blogopshere's very own version of West Side Story, there is a candidate running who is focused not on the other candidates, but on serving the needs of the people of Virginia.

Moran's 2003 vote to block lawful abortions raises questions about his position on right to choose

Note from teacherken:Let me explain why I am promoting this. It is legitimate to raise questions about positions and issues of candidates, even if one is a supporter of other candidates. Our policy is that the decision to promote something like this to the front page must be made by a designated person who is neutral in the race. One factor that I will consider is the tone of the post, and whether it is open to dialog and response. I believe this post meets that criterion.

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During the blogger dinner with Creigh Deeds, the Senator mentioned that he had the strongest pro-choice record of any candidate in the race, but he refused to be more specific, telling us to “look it up.”

So I did.

Here is what I found.

Moran is the Progressive Choice?

Blueweeds has opened up a discussion about Tuesday's straw poll in which he remarks - emphasis mine:

From one progressive to another, is the straw poll an indicator of which candidate is the most progressive on policy issues, or is it (merely) an indication of early campaign organization and money? Because my sense is that it is the latter, and I am confused about why a progressive blog community would shamelessly promote early organization and money over progressive policy? I know why campaign operatives would do it, but why would grassroots netroots progressives promote organization and money over policy?

The problem with this discussion is that it falsely asserts that Brian Moran is the pure Progressive candidate. He is not.

Through the Lens: Impressions Amidst Uncertainty

As most of my fellow bloggers know, I am usually strongly opinionated, especially about candidates for higher office. Indeed, I once disdained the kind of Dem I have now become: The vacillating kind, the uncommitted kind. “What does it take?” I once thought. Decide already. I started out unsure in 2007 (leaning Obama, but not sure.) All that changed when I got firmly behind Barack Obama for the primary and never looked back. But once one supports Barack Obama, something happens. We see pols differently. Which among them might make it all the way to the WH? The standard we set, that bar, gets higher. And then, suddenly, in Virginia, got thrust back into the real world, the one in which there's an election every year. After Obama, how then to recapture the magic? Who will be the one candidate to bring new vitality to 8 years of Democratic rule in Virginia? And it all got even more complicated as I watched candidates through the lens of my new camera. Last fall I began trying to take “real” photos with a “real” camera. Ironically, I had thought that doing so would distance me from the candidates. But it didn’t turn out that way. The lens sometimes brings into focus the humanity of these people who would lead us. This essay isn’t about the photos themselves. It’s about what I remember seeing through that lens. I got the camera shortly before I covered Barack Obama’s town hall in Lebanon, VA, for Raising Kaine. It was stunning watching him. Through the lens I saw that Barack is a natural. I watched every gesture, every facial expression as if for the first time. He radiated confidence, competence, and charisma. Though from my professional study and research I know leaders are not, literally, born (they learn to lead), one would almost think so when watching him closely that day.

March 18 - Governor DEM Primary Endorser List

I've created an endorser list for the 2009 Virginia governor primary. I know its not finished yet, but I imagine many would find it quite useful. With the campaign in its final 90 days, endorsements are starting to matter more and more and I'll continue to update this list.

You can find it here

I've only included endorsements from Legislatures, Mayors, and Congressmen. I'm debating whether to add local leaders or keep it prominent leaders.

March 13 - Does Brian Moran's Mt. Vernon Straw Poll win really mean anything?

As most of us know by now, Brian Moran won the Mount Vernon Straw Poll win over Creigh Deeds and Terry McAuliffe on February 22, but does the win really mean much.

It's kind of a yes and no answer really. Straw Polls are usually pointless as far as predicting votes, but are always taken by the media to be a new accurate poll.

But let's talk about how meaningful this win would be in courting the NoVa region in the primary. Moran won the straw poll with 83 votes to Creigh Deeds's second place showing of 43. But how accurate is that?

Brigades Strategy Meeting with guests Creigh Deeds and Jody Wagner

(promoted by FXBAmy)

Thanks to the over 50 members who attended this great event!
Also thanks to our visitors Chap Petersen, Karyn Moran, Liz Griffith and Rex Simmons.

Below is a summary of Deeds' speech and question-and-answer session, and I'll create a separate post on Jody Wagner and our discussion on a strategy for a Democratic majority in the House of Delegates.

March 7 - Gubernatorial Race Analysis (DEM - Primary)

So I've heard a lot of talk going back and forth about the 2009 Gubernatorial election (the Democratic primary that is). How Deeds can win over conservatives, how McAuliffe can bring in the cash, how Moran can get grass-roots, on and on. But I haven't really seen any analysis of the race. So I decided to take it upon myself. I guess you can call it a Stooge's analysis of the race (I'm no expert by any means). But I think theres enough information out there to compile into a basic analysis.

Let's start of by compiling the polling done for the 2009 Dem Primary so far.

Feb. 1 Poll

Switching from Creigh to Brian

First off, I want to say that switching my support from Creigh to Brian wasn’t an easy thing to do. I like Creigh’s stances on a lot of issues from guns, to the environment, to smart growth, and especially his non-partisan redistricting proposal. What the party needs most in their nominee for governor is someone who can appeal to and represent a large and diverse swath of the electorate and for a long time, Creigh was the best choice.

Creigh Deeds is the real fighter in this race

Some people talk about fighting.

Some people actually fight.

Creigh Deeds has been fighting for us in Richmond this past General Assembly session, and the results have been impressive. It was a huge risk for him, especially after Mr. Moran resigned his House of Delegates seat.

"I'm not prepared to walk away," Creigh told the Roanoke Times for a profile appearing in today’s paper. "I'm not dodging any bullets. I want to be part of the tough decisions ... Some people will say, 'Creigh Deeds is a fool to give up 46 days to raise money.' But I'm in this process to serve and get things done. I'm convinced I've done that."

Well, truth be told, I was one of the people who thought Creigh should use the time to raise money. Time will tell how that lost fundraising will affect his run for Governor as a tactical matter, but insofar as Virginia is concerned, we all benefited from Creigh’s courageous decision.

Real leadership, in the crucible of governing.

(More on the flip)

Deeds fights for Circuit City employees

Senator Creigh Deeds called on Circuit City CEO James Marcum today to keep his laid-off employees from losing their health care coverage and forgo his request for more than $4.6 million in bonuses for senior executives.


Circuit City announced yesterday that all employees will lose their health insurance on March 31st and will not be eligible to extend their coverage under the COBRA health care program.  The news broke the same day a federal bankruptcy judge approved more than $4.6 million in bonuses for corporate executives.

Deed's Green Energy Legislation on its Way to Governor Kaine's Desk

Yet another example of the difference, in football parlance, between drawing up the plays and actually advancing the ball.

Text of presser follows:

This afternoon, Senator Creigh Deeds’ bill to help Virginia homeowners save money by converting to green energy systems passed unanimously in the Virginia Senate.  His legislation, SB 1212, grants localities the authority to create a loan program to help Virginia families invest in clean energy technology.

Why Creigh? Here's why.

I’ve read a number of diaries here at BC and other sites recently explaining why this blogger or that supports the candidate they support in the primary. I appreciate the passion these diaries represent, but I try to stay away from writing them myself unless I have some fresh news or information to add, in addition to the ideas just rattling around in my head.

As it happens, my interview a few weeks ago with Creigh Deeds, which I have been remiss in transcribing and posting, but which exemplifies why I so strongly support Creigh, provides just such an opportunity.

It isn’t because he is a “nice guy,” although he seems like a pleasant enough and nice enough person. In fact, I find people who talk about what a "nice guy" Creigh is, more often than not, are damning him with praise, since the next word they utter is usually "but..."

This is a long diary after the jump where I expand on all this and provide the final transcript of my chat with Creigh, but here are the three primary reasons why I support Creigh for the Democratic nomination for governor, and why I hope others will as well:

• Of the three candidates, Creigh has the best shot of beating McDonnell in November.
• Of the three candidates, Creigh is the only one who has demonstrated the judgment and ability to form consensus among various political factions in Richmond.
• Of the three candidates, Creigh’s economic/political worldview is the one most likely to lead to the adoption of sustained Progressive policies in Virginia over the long-term, because economic justice is a prerequisite to creating a polity in which Progressive principles will inexorably take hold.

(More on the jump.)

Support Your Community College Transfer Program

This is a very effective program. It has been the path for many young folks of modest means to gain access to Virginia's great four-year Colleges and Universities. Help develop the 21st century workforce in Virginia. Please make your voice heard in Richmond, contact your Delegate, NOW.

from Coarse Cracked Corn:

Why I switched from Deeds to Moran

I started getting involved in Virginia politics in 2005, campaigning for Tim Kaine. I know that's fairly recent compared to many of the veterans here, but I met Creigh Deeds several times when he ran for AG and later during the Jim Webb campaign. When he announced his intention to run for Governor, I signed up early and donated.

Alternate Scenario - two on the ticket from Southwest?

Imagine 2 candidates from Southwest on the ticket. Hear me out.

Remember, no one knows the shape of the electorate. What if despite Terry's advertising and Brian's effort it is not subtantially big? What if the back and forth between Brian and Terry causes a few more people to turn away from both and take a closer look at Creigh who is not part of the back and forth?

Let me talk about the back and forth, latest round. On Wednesday in Richmond, Terry apparently made a very bad joke, which was related to me today by several people. It went something like this: