The Good --and the Not-So-Good -- about John Edwards’ Fly Ash Bill (SB 865)

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Disclosure: I am a strong supporter of State Senator John Edwards, probably always will be. I have even made a small donation to his re-election campaign. He has a good record on environmental issues. But, despite his effort at some improved oversight and constraints on fly ash from coal-fired plants, I must concur with the Roanoke Times (RT) editorial here that he has missed the mark.

Moran announces opposition to coal-fired power plant

Now this is Change: Brian Moran is the "first candidate for governor in modern times to oppose a new coal fired power plant"
Moran Vows to Stop New Coal Plant

Moran announcing opposition to coal-powered plant in Surry

You can also read about Brian's full policy positions on his new website:

Brian Moran for Governor 2009

Read the full press release on the flip

Tim Kaine - The Interview - Part 2

The second part of the interview with Tim Kaine. In this portion of the interview we discuss Energy Policy and the Governor's Renew Virginia initiative for the 2009 legislature.

Significantly, Tim Kaine here gives his rationale for supporting the Wise county coal-fired power plant.

"I viewed Wise as a situation where we were investing in cleaner technology and taking a dirty plant out of the system."