Noel Enters Race for the 25th HoD

Jim Noel, from Mt. Sidney, has formally announced his entry into the race for Virginia's 25th House of Delegate seat, currently held by Republican Steve Landes. He will seek his party's nomination in the upcoming June 9th Democratic Primary. He will be competing with Greg Marrow from Rockingham County.

Noel, 42, is a Facility Planner with Perdue Farms in Bridgewater. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio he moved to the Valley in 1993. His wife, Rachel, is native to the area. The Noel's have three children. He has been active in youth sports programs, serving as a soccer coach and softball league officer.

Marrow, Hart to Challenge Entrenched R's in 25th & 26th HD

From We Will Rock Dem

Troubles Brewing in the Red Zone More Valley Dems Join Attack on Republican Strongholds in 24th, 25th and 26th HD seats.

Dr. Greg Marrow, 44, of McGaheysville, said this week that he plans to challenge Del. Steve Landes, R-Weyers Cave, in the 25th District. Marrow, an optometrist in Harrisonburg, will seek the Democratic Party nomination.

Great editorial from Rich Cranwell

Rich Cranwell, son of DPVA chair, Dick Cranwell, had a very good editorial published. The editorial slams 6th district Congressman Bob Goodlatte on his failed politics. Is this editorial the start of a Cranwell for Congress 2010 campaign? I will not speculate but read the following editorial. It makes a whole lot of sense.

"I am disappointed that Rep. Bob Goodlatte and the other Republican members of the Virginia congressional delegation chose to boycott the congressional delegation meeting with Gov. Tim Kaine Feb. 9.

How the Green Economy Can Create Jobs...

A Community Conversation:
How the Green Economy Can Create Jobs for All in Staunton
Wednesday, February 4, 2008, 7:30 p.m
Spencer Center (Wenger Hall), Mary Baldwin College

RPV's Chief Fundraiser Quits

M. Curt, wealthy businessman from the Shenandoah Valley, has resigned as chief fundraiser for the Virginia Republican Party, according to an article bylined by Jeff Shapiro in the Stafford Sun, from Media General News Service.

Writing a “Dear Jeff,” letter to GOP State Chair Jeff Frederick, Curt called the Virginia Republican Party “dysfunctional,” and said that, though the party included dedicated activists,

Unfortunately, the problems of structure, power projection, consultant interference, interpersonal difficulties, years of internal malaise, Luddite attitudes, leadership, and unity of purpose stand in the way of any hope of success.

McAuliffe - New Energy for New Jobs Pitch

From Terry McAuliffe campaign kick-off Harrisonburg, Virginia - 1/8/09

With all the blogging coverage for the build-up and ramp-down from the Inauguration, I'm a bit slow in postings my video coverage of McAuliffe's campaign kick-off stop in Harrisonburg a few weeks ago. Please forgive the poor sound quality.

Steve Landes (R-25th HD) Helps Kill Bi-Partisan Re-Districting Bill

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As reported by the News Leader, irrational, gerrymandered legislative districts will continue to be how we draw political boundaries in 'ol Virginny.

Republicans once again have blocked legislation, proposed by Del. Shannon Valentine, D-Lynchburg, to create a 12-member citizen committee to lead the process of drawing up legislative districts. But would have left the final decision on district lines in the hands of the General Assembly.

The bill died on a party-line vote Monday morning (1/19) in a General Assembly subcommittee. Republicans killed the measure in a Privileges and Elections subcommittee vote, 4-2. No surprise that the party of No Change likes things just the way they are... thank you very much.

Good Deeds Interview

Photo Credit: Star City Harbinger

The Star City Harbinger posted a good interview with Creigh Deeds from a Monday night event in Roanoke. Worth a read. We know Creigh well, here in the Valley. But this one-on-one gives a lot more depth to candidate Deeds, especially for folks outside of western Virginia.

The Bare Foot Boy from Bath in Roanoke last night

Deeds: Not going to be a Me Too

Chris Graham at the Augusta Free Press sat down with Creigh Deeds during a visit to Waynesboro, last Tuesday, for an in-depth interview on the state of his campaign.

He made it clear that he will run his campaign on his own terms, he'll likely resist pressures to respond with defensive "me too" actions, in response to moves by the Moran and McAuliffe camps.

“There are some folks who will run for office who will be governed by what the other guys do. I’m not going to do that. Virginia needs steady leadership, and I’m going to be steady about the way I run this campaign. I’m going to continue to talk to Virginia voters about the issues that I think matter to them, and I don’t think you’ve seen any shift in what I’ve been talking about or who I’ve been talking to, regardless of who else is out there.”

His other key talking points were Education, Transportation and Bi-Partisanship

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Predictable Republican Pilgrimage - Valley Family Forum

Chart Source: The Atlantic

With the super hot Election Year 2008 still cooling off, the forces for religious fundamentalism are already counting noses and twisting ears, to maintain discipline in the flock of Valley Republicans. The on-going internal party struggle between traditional Mountain Valley Republican moderates and the emerging Religious Right faction, is apparently being played out with an early litmus test event, the recent Unveiling gathering, hosted by the Valley Family Forum, leading up to the GA session of 2009.

The fifth annual “Unveiling” was a forum for local state legislators to unveil and detail their socially-conservative legislative plans for the 2009 General Assembly session.

From Coarse Cracked Corn:

In what has become an annual pilgrimage, a host of legislators bowed at the altar of Dean Welty and the Valley Family Forum at their annual "Unveiling" last Friday. Attending were the predictable Republicans: Del. Matt Lohr (26th) of Broadway, Del. Steve Landes (25th) of Weyers Cave, Del. Chris Saxman (20th) of Staunton, Del. Ben Cline (24th) of Rockbridge, Sen. Mark Obenshain (26th) of Harrisonburg, and Sen. Jill Holtzman Vogel (27th) of Winchester. Noticeably absent was Sen. Emmett Hanger (24th) who, while he may agree on some issues, is clearly not in lockstep with this crowd . Del. Todd Gilbert (15th) was also a no-show.

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Introduction to the Blogosphere

I suppose there is no time like the present to introduce myself to the blogosphere.

My name is Jeff Price, and I'm running for the 24th District seat in the House of Delegates. This district encompasses the majority of Amherst County, all of Rockbridge County, four precincts in Southern Augusta County, and the cities of Buena Vista and Lexington.

We are living in serious times and it is going to take people dedicated to rolling up their sleeves and making some tough decisions on how Virginia moves forward. This is what I hope to bring to the table.

I'm not a politician. I work in our small family business, Virginia Lime Works, which has become a leader in the fields of historic preservation and ecologically friendly building construction. We have a reputation worldwide for advocating the promotion of working class craftspeople and the continued education and sustainability of traditional trades. I have walked down the streets with homeowners whose lives where forever changed when an EF-5 tornado struck Greensburg Kansas. I have sat with 3rd generation New Orleans plasterers whose homes were destroyed by Katrina and dreams were shattered by the ineptitude of the government in the aftermath. I have had dinner in the South of France with an older French couple who came to tears describing their joy when their liberty was restored by American Servicemen in 1945. But at the end of the day, I'm just a working guy whose father is a bricklayer and grew up on the family farm. For over 150 years my family has been involved in the history and rural heritage of Amherst County. My wife teaches elementary special education for Amherst County Public Schools and we have two children, Olivia & Jackson.

Sam Rasoul Still Active

The campaign of Sam Rasoul in Virginia's 6th District this year generated some interesting opinions, including my own. There were many observers who thought that Sam was too young, or not Democratic enough, to take on Bob Goodlatte. However, Sam got the nomination, and ran an energetic campaign in a part of Virginia not known for Democratic energy.

What impresses us most is Sam’s commitment to a grassroots campaign that as actively promoted and worked for the election of Democrats throughout the region. Yes, we tried to get him to let loose a little snark about his opponent Drew Richardson, a late entry in the race for the nomination. Committed to running a positive campaign focused on the issues, Sam wouldn’t bite. - The Star City Harbinger

On election day, Sam lost, but in losing he built an organization and reached out to hundreds of thousands of voters in the 6th District. That is how you start building a change from the ground up. The key to success with this strategy, however, is not letting the organization wither after the election is lost. And Sam Rasoul appears to have taken that lesson to heart. Like the Obama organization, he is encouraging his supporters to stay active after the election by emailing about important issues.