Voting Rights

There Will Be No Paper Trail in VA's Largest Jurisdiction This Year - Unless We Act

Due to budget shortfalls, Fairfax County cannot afford paper ballots for their optical scan machines, and will only be using their electronic machines - the same kind of machine that crashed in the March 10th special election.

What's more, they will not be opening the Satellite Locations around the county as they did last November. Only the Government Center will be open for In-Person Absentee Voting.

DC Voting Rights

The editorial on DC Voting Rights today in the Washington Post has brought back a number of questions I have on this. Let's forget for a moment the NRA's political might. My main question is how is HR 157 (aka District of Columbia House Voting Rights Act of 2009) constitutional?

For reference here is what Article I, Section 2 and 3 say about representation:

The House of Representatives shall be composed of members chosen every second year by the people of the several states...


The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each state

Is Orrock Going After Third Parties?

bobby-orrock?w=200Del. Bobby Orrock (R-54) recently introduced HB 2642, and a major third party in Virginia is not happy about it. Here's the key paragraph:

... (iii) makes it a Class 1 misdemeanor to pay or receive compensation on a fee per signature or on a basis related to the number of signatures obtained for circulating election-related petitions or completing and submitting voter registration applications;...

I'm kind of torn...

Bob Marshall... the Epitiome of a Backwards Virginia

If anyone is responsible for continuing to move this state backward, for continuing to muddle the legislative process of Virginia with right wing extremism, if there is anyone who has worked to supress the rights of hard working Virginian's simply because they do not fit the mold of the typlical GOP "Real American", it is the 13th District Incumbent Delegate, Bob Marshall.

Will and Bill: Not Laughing Now

Will and BillVirginia Beach Commonwealth's Attorney Harvey Bryant announced the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate and consider criminal charges against Virginia Beach Mayor-elect Will Sessoms' Earle Mobleycampaign operatives who distributed fraudulent and illegal campaign fliers to African-American voters on election day.

Portsmouth Commonwealth's Attorney Earle Mobley will lead the investigation.

Witnesses have confirmed that boxes of the illegal fliers originated in a conference room at the Williams Mullen law firm in Virginia Beach.

Who works at Williams Mullen? Sessoms' guy pal, former City Councilman Bill Harrison, and former UBS mortgage officer, former Republican delegate, and current mortgage industry lobbyist Terrie Suit.
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