Terry McAuliffe

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McAuliffe Arrives at VAYD

As national party chair, McAuliffe gave more to the YDs than any other chairman. He also gave $5 million to Tim Kaine. He's playing well with these folks. "If you can get Young Dems to vote for you three times, you've got 'em for life!"

McAuliffe said he moved to Virginia 18 years ago. He has had every job you can have in the Democratic Party. He said he began as Jimmy Carter's finance secretary at 23. "You get to say whatever you want when they're not paying you," McAuliffe said of his volunteer experience in politics.

Moran's Selective Outrage

This (Friday) morning, Brian Moran appeared on the Kojo WAMU Politics Hour Show with Kojo Nnamdi. The subject of Terry McAuliffe’s fundraiser last week with the bipartisan lobbying BGR came up. According to the McAuliffe campaign’s "Terry Facts":

… Out of 11 event chairs, 10 were Democrats, including Terry's longtime friend Jonathan Mantz, who has spent his career fighting for Democratic candidates and causes. Mantz was the principal host of the event. Throughout his career in Democratic politics, Terry has built relationships with many people, both Democrat and Republican. This ability to reach across the aisle is part of what will make Terry an effective governor.

Apparently, Brian Moran doesn’t see it that way, preferring to focus on the 1 event chair who happened to be a Republican and to bash Terry McAuliffe for sharing a room with him:

Moran: Well, fundraising ties, Republican fundraising ties and this particular gentleman, by the name Ed Rogers, used some very offensive language during last year’s election. Language, that was, um, that was offensive to me as a supporter of Barack Obama. You know, that’s what gives politicians and lobbyists a bad name. I mean, here he is, he’s willing to fundraise with people who do not, um, possess our values. There was a reason we were so supportive of Barack Obama: he was bringing change, he was making sure we were investing in people, once again, and bringing change to, um, to the culture of corruption. And here’s one of my Democratic opponents joining—jumping in bed with someone that supported that. So his fundraising with that particular individual condones what that person said. I find that offensive.

So, Brian Moran claims to be outraged that Terry McAuliffe would hold a fundraiser with 10 Democrats and 1 Republican named Ed Rogers. True, Rogers was obnoxious, but was he any more obnoxious than one of Brian Moran’s OWN EMPLOYEES? As it turns out, one of the top officials (new media director) on the Moran campaign was also one of the worst bashers of both Barack Obama and Obama supporters, which he referred to derogatorily as “Obamabots.” Here are a few classics from the Jerome Armstrong encyclopedia of anti-Obama rantings and ravings:

McAuliffe Responds to Moran Attack

Another day another controversy in the Virginia Governor's race.

First, a bi-partisan group, BGR, which had once been lead by Republican lightning rod Haley Barbour hosted a fundraiser for Terry McAuliffe. Barbour is no longer involved in BGR. The Moran campaign jumped on the opportunity to denounce the event as "offensive". And now, the McAuliffe campaign has responded.

Via NBC12

Terry McAuliffe: Sleeping with the enemy

Terry McAuliffeDemocratic National Committee superstar and Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe spent some time last evening at a fundraiser.

While that isn't a shocker as we all know politicians spend a considerable amount of time at fundraisers for their campaigns; what is shocking is WHO was raising money for McAuliffe last night.

The fundraiser was hosted by Republican political operative Ed Rogers at the prestigious BGR lobbying firm, a firm that has been 100% until 2008 when it started accepting Democratic clients.

Rogers shares ownership of the firm with Haley Barbour, Vice-Chair of the Republican Governors Association. Rogers and his firm have worked tirelessly to defeat scores of Democrats nationwide, including President Barack Obama last year.

This Virginia Beach Grassroots Activist Supports Terry McAuliffe

The time was the heat of the 2008 election. Sleep was at a minimum. Rest could come after the most important election in our lifetime was won. Until victory was certain, every moment wasted was one that could never be recovered.

The constitutional republic established by our Founding Fathers was teetering on the edge of a precipice. It was the ordinary man who succeeded in establishing our glorious experiment in government. And it was the duty of we common men and women who followed to repair that same government.

What I admire in McAuliffe?

Cross posted in Daily Kos

One of the first public figures I have tracked with any measure of time commitment is Terry McAuliffe. I met his wife and McAuliffe at a Connolly fundraiser and found them a most engaging, gracious and down to earth couple. I then invested the time to read his book "What a Party" and discovered that he is a very ordinary person of humble beginnings, who has achieved great heights - the true, living American Dream that hard work, integrity and a positive attitude can take one places.

McAuliffe Makes Dual Contribution Pledges

This week, in response to the AIG bonuses scandal Terry McAuliffe pledged not to take tainted campaign contributions:

"I won't accept any corporate or corporate PAC campaign contributions from any companies receiving federal bailout money."

Meanwhile, Terry also pledged not to take money from Dominion Power. Lowell writes.

WaPo: Terry McAuliffe's Trash Politics

emphasis mine:

From one progressive to another, is the straw poll an indicator of which candidate is the most progressive on policy issues, or is it (merely) an indication of early campaign organization and money? Because my sense is that it is the latter, and I am confused about why a progressive blog community would shamelessly promote early organization and money over progressive policy? I know why campaign operatives would do it, but why would grassroots netroots progressives promote organization and money over policy?

The problem with this discussion is that it falsely asserts that Brian Moran is the pure Progressive candidate. He is not.

Through the Lens: Impressions Amidst Uncertainty

As most of my fellow bloggers know, I am usually strongly opinionated, especially about candidates for higher office. Indeed, I once disdained the kind of Dem I have now become: The vacillating kind, the uncommitted kind. “What does it take?” I once thought. Decide already. I started out unsure in 2007 (leaning Obama, but not sure.) All that changed when I got firmly behind Barack Obama for the primary and never looked back. But once one supports Barack Obama, something happens. We see pols differently. Which among them might make it all the way to the WH? The standard we set, that bar, gets higher. And then, suddenly, in Virginia, got thrust back into the real world, the one in which there's an election every year. After Obama, how then to recapture the magic? Who will be the one candidate to bring new vitality to 8 years of Democratic rule in Virginia? And it all got even more complicated as I watched candidates through the lens of my new camera. Last fall I began trying to take “real” photos with a “real” camera. Ironically, I had thought that doing so would distance me from the candidates. But it didn’t turn out that way. The lens sometimes brings into focus the humanity of these people who would lead us. This essay isn’t about the photos themselves. It’s about what I remember seeing through that lens. I got the camera shortly before I covered Barack Obama’s town hall in Lebanon, VA, for Raising Kaine. It was stunning watching him. Through the lens I saw that Barack is a natural. I watched every gesture, every facial expression as if for the first time. He radiated confidence, competence, and charisma. Though from my professional study and research I know leaders are not, literally, born (they learn to lead), one would almost think so when watching him closely that day.

March 18 - Governor DEM Primary Endorser List

I've created an endorser list for the 2009 Virginia governor primary. I know its not finished yet, but I imagine many would find it quite useful. With the campaign in its final 90 days, endorsements are starting to matter more and more and I'll continue to update this list.

You can find it here

I've only included endorsements from Legislatures, Mayors, and Congressmen. I'm debating whether to add local leaders or keep it prominent leaders.

A Modest Proposal for T-Mac following the straw poll

(this is satire in the spirit of Jonathan Swift, nothing more. I'm posting this because alot of people need to relax, take a deep breath, and look at the situation we are in and what the campaigns have been reduced too. So don't be a jerk about it. While I do support Brian, I'd be posting the same thing about him if he won)

Terry McAuliffe is the Best Candidate

Ben Tribbett has an attack piece up on NLS insinuating that somehow my support was purchased by the McAuliffe Campaign. I have to say that far from embarrassed, I am astonishingly disappointed in Brian and his campaign. This is a continuation of the kind of tactics which helped me transition in the first place.

I think this is an opportunity to discuss both why I support the superior campaign put together by Terry McAuliffe, and also to point out what made me move my support.

First off, it's no secret that I was an early supporter of Brian Moran. Here are a few supporting pieces I wrote on RK:
From Galax to Fairfax, Moran Fights for the Commonwealth
Moran Heavily Endorsed in Bellwether Loudoun County
Good Friends, Good Omens for Brian Moran
Brian Moran v. Jeff Frederick

When it was just Brian and Creigh in this race, I had a natural affinity towards Brian for his positions and his record, but I had my misgivings. In my early meetings with Brian and at events early in the campaign I noted Brian's lack of a coherent message, and personally enjoined the campaign to circle the wagons and give Brian the ammunition necessary to build a winning campaign message.

Why McAuliffe?

McAuliffe's won me over. I don’t want a job with his campaign or his administration. I have never taken a penny from any candidate I have supported. I want what is best for my family and Virginia. I have concluded that Terry is the man for this time.

Terry McAuliffe moves in different parts of the progressive sphere than I. But ours intersect enough in the survival interest arena, that the areas where we disagree are overshadowed. I looked hard for a deal-breaking position. My first nudge was when I discovered that John Grisham supports Terry. Yes, influenced by a non-politician’s judgment. But meeting Dorothy McAuliffe was so telling by inference about the character of her husband, that apprehensions in that facet of the candidate were immediately wiped clean. And, though to now he has had reason to blow me off, he never has in passing. He’s a big man.

March 13 - Does Brian Moran's Mt. Vernon Straw Poll win really mean anything?

As most of us know by now, Brian Moran won the Mount Vernon Straw Poll win over Creigh Deeds and Terry McAuliffe on February 22, but does the win really mean much.

It's kind of a yes and no answer really. Straw Polls are usually pointless as far as predicting votes, but are always taken by the media to be a new accurate poll.

But let's talk about how meaningful this win would be in courting the NoVa region in the primary. Moran won the straw poll with 83 votes to Creigh Deeds's second place showing of 43. But how accurate is that?

The Severely Disingenuous Mr. McAuliffe

"I want Virginia to have the cleanest coal in the country. That should be our goal", McAuliffe told a group in Lebanon, VA, an area nearby the proposed mega coal plant in Surry, VA, an area also located just 18 miles from Colonial Williamsburg in Hampton Roads. (See video here.)

A couple of weeks later on "Hearsay", a local radio talk show, again in Hampton Roads, McAuliffe said "Listen, I want clean coal. We all want clean coal. We have this new technology called CCS -- carbon capture and storage".

"But I'll be honest with you. Before I am going to shut anything down, that's 2200 jobs that we have in Surry. And before I would ever cost people their jobs, I need to make sure I have a job for them. And I'm not going to say we're not going to do it until I can say we have 2200 jobs in the green alternative energy area. People need jobs. They got to take care of their children, they need health care. They want to educate their children. And I'm not going to throw 2200 folks out on the street." (Source)

But alas Wednesday in McAuliffe's post on Daily Kos, a national political blog that's not very likely read by most job seekers in Hampton Roads, comes the following statement:

The plant in Surry is still just an idea at this point and I plan on taking a much harder look at the specifics of the proposal - including what type of technology is going to be used -- and hear from all of the folks who have a stake in the outcome. But if a new coal plant is built, it should be as clean as possible -- and from my understanding, the one being proposed for Surry County does not meet that standard.

Poof! Magically disappearing are 2200 jobs producing energy from a new and wonderful "clean coal" power plant in Hampton Roads, that McAuliffe promised to the good folks in the Lebanon-Surry area. Thrown "out on the street" are 2200 folks, which is a curious situation considering that these 2200 jobs are today completely non-existent!

What kind of fools does McAuliffe take us in Hampton Roads for?

Three "Draft James Webb" Co-Founders Announce Support for Terry McAuliffe

[Lowell really is the best blogger in Virginia - promoted by Josh]

Today, the three co-founders of the "Draft James Webb" movement (Lee Diamond, Josh Chernila, Lowell Feld) are announcing their support of former DNC chair Terry McAuliffe for governor of Virginia. Here are statements from each of us.

Josh Chernila
Nature abhors a vacuum, and Terry McAuliffe entered this race as a force of nature. He quickly developed a powerhouse campaign based on his well-honed media skills, fundraising expertise, and surprising understanding of Virginia issues. Most importantly, Terry came out with a real message, easy to understand and comprehend. McAuliffe has a solid grasp of issues, takes strongly progressive stands and is able to both communicate and fund his message.

"Folks, We're Going To Do This"

Terry McAuliffe emphasizes that Virginia is at a crossroads. We've got to create new jobs in this green economy. 118 billion dollars out of the 780 billion dollar stimulus package, is going toward alternative energy. He warns that is going to bypass us because we are not a mandatory state; we're not doing what we need to do.

He pointed at the professor in whose lab we stood and said "You ought to be funded with these new stimulus dollars, you could be the world leader…we ought to be the world leader. I talk about, and everybody laughs at me; they call me Governor Chicken-something because I love chicken waste. I do, I get excited about chicken waste. I'm sorry, there are 500,000 tons of it. We leech it into our watershed, we've ruined our oyster business in the Chesapeake, we've hurt our environment."

Why I'm Supporting Terry McAuliffe

(I don't support Terry, but this diary belongs on the front page for a number of reasons, and if Josh won't put it there himself, I'll do it for him. - aznew)

As a progressive observer of the Virginia Gubernatorial race, this hasn't been a very enjoyable time. Creigh Deeds and Brian Moran are two of the best Democrats to have emerged over the past two decades and either of them would do a fantastic job in Richmond. We may not agree on every issue, but if I wanted a Governor I could always agree with, I'd need to run myself. The problem is that neither of them has organized a campaign or found a message with the power to lead the commonwealth and defeat Bob McDonnell.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and Terry McAuliffe entered this race as a force of nature. He quickly developed a powerhouse campaign based on his well-honed media skills, fundraising expertise, and surprising understanding of Virginia issues. Most importantly, Terry came out with a real message, easy to understand and comprehend. McAuliffe has a solid grasp of issues, takes strongly progressive stands and is able to both communicate and fund his message.

McAuliffe Office Opening Provides a Window on this Campaign

Dorothy McAuliffe has emerged during this cycle as one intriguing personality. Seen once riding herd on their brood; only one little doggie straying; the youngest on lookout for that carrier. Then she spoke at the Veterans and Military Family Caucus. Last night she appeared at the Virginia Beach office kickoff.

Each time, she endears herself to and impresses those she meets. It is no surprise that she would be something of a character. Look who she married. What is refreshing is that someone who is raising five children under 18 embodies that same kind of enthusiasm and optimism as her candidate husband and has energy to spare. She likes to say that Terry always sees the glass half full. After being around her, you can imagine she helps him top it off. Of course, I’ll want to look in on her once that young one marches off to college, just to see how this marathon winds up.