Alexandria Democrats: A Call to Caucus for City Council


The Alexandria Democratic Committee will be running an open caucus for all Alexandria Democrats (not just members of the ADC) this Saturday, January 31st, in order to select the slate of nominees that will make up the Democratic ticket for election to the Alexandria City Council that will be taking place in May. The Alexandria City Council consists of six members, all of whom are Democrats (Vice Mayor Del Pepper; Paul Smedberg; Rob Krupicka; Tim Lovain; Justin Wilson; and a retiring Ludwig Gaines). Five incumbents (Pepper, Smedberg, Krupicka, Lovain, and Wilson) are running for re-election, and two other Alexandria Democrats -- former Alexandria mayor (and city councilman) Kerry Donley, and ADC member Boyd Walker -- are also running for a Democratic nomination.

Dec 15-16 - Alexandria Dems Caucus for the 46th

Tonight and Tomorrow (Dec. 15-16), Alexandria Dems will be holding an unassembled caucus to determine who will run for the Democrats to replace Brian Moran.

From the ADC's Call to Caucus:

Pursuant to the authority provided by the Virginia Democratic Party Plan, the 46th House of Delegates Democratic Committee (46th) hereby calls an Unassembled Caucus to be held on Tuesday, December 16, 2008, from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM, in the multi-purpose room of the William Ramsey Recreation Center, 5650 Sanger Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia.

The Candidates

Charniele Herring


Ms. Herring's Statement to Blue Commonwealth: not yet received

From Ms. Herring's website:
"Ms. Herring has lived in Northern Virginia area for almost 30 years, 22 of them in the West End of Alexandria. She is President of the West End Business Association (WEBA) and is a member of the Greater Washington Board of Trade (BOT). She is a three-time appointee and former chair of the Alexandria Commission for Women. Ms. Herring serves on the Youth Policy Commission, Landmark Redevelopment Advisory Committee, lectures for the Hopkins House Parent Leadership Project and serves on its Public Policy and Outreach Committee. Ms. Herring also works on the Commonwealth Scholars Program Initiative. She is a fellow of the Sorensen Institute of Political Leadership and is the former Deputy Chair of Precinct Operations-West for the Alexandria Democratic Committee. While in college, she worked for the Alexandria Mental Health Association as a crisis intervention counselor and trainer."

Ariel Gonzalez


Mr. Gonzalez's Statement to Blue Commonwealth:

"I sincerely and respectfully ask for your vote for the House of Delegates, 46th District. Despite the short notice for this Call to Caucus, I will continue to advocate for the voices of individuals not heard from in the politics as usual crowd in the 46th District. I truly wish for everyone's voice to be heard, and unfortunately this current process does not allow for the majority of the voters in this district to hear from the candidates, learn their positions, and make an informed decision. I am doing my best to reach out to the voters of this District, and I want to bring others into the process who have too often been shut out of the establishment. It is for these voters that I began this campaign, and it is for these voters that we will continue.

As a Young Democrat, an attorney, advocate, and a community volunteer I have devoted my energy and my resources to this area. While I may not be the establishment candidate, I am a steadfast advocate for open government and a Democratic Party which truly engages all of its Democratic voters - not merely those who attend monthly local party meetings.

I welcome your participation not just today and Tuesday but at all times. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with many of you in the future. Please see my website at for more information."

Read Mr. Gonzalez's full statement on the flip.