Great editorial from Rich Cranwell

Rich Cranwell, son of DPVA chair, Dick Cranwell, had a very good editorial published. The editorial slams 6th district Congressman Bob Goodlatte on his failed politics. Is this editorial the start of a Cranwell for Congress 2010 campaign? I will not speculate but read the following editorial. It makes a whole lot of sense.

"I am disappointed that Rep. Bob Goodlatte and the other Republican members of the Virginia congressional delegation chose to boycott the congressional delegation meeting with Gov. Tim Kaine Feb. 9.

Sam Rasoul Still Active

The campaign of Sam Rasoul in Virginia's 6th District this year generated some interesting opinions, including my own. There were many observers who thought that Sam was too young, or not Democratic enough, to take on Bob Goodlatte. However, Sam got the nomination, and ran an energetic campaign in a part of Virginia not known for Democratic energy.

What impresses us most is Sam’s commitment to a grassroots campaign that as actively promoted and worked for the election of Democrats throughout the region. Yes, we tried to get him to let loose a little snark about his opponent Drew Richardson, a late entry in the race for the nomination. Committed to running a positive campaign focused on the issues, Sam wouldn’t bite. - The Star City Harbinger

On election day, Sam lost, but in losing he built an organization and reached out to hundreds of thousands of voters in the 6th District. That is how you start building a change from the ground up. The key to success with this strategy, however, is not letting the organization wither after the election is lost. And Sam Rasoul appears to have taken that lesson to heart. Like the Obama organization, he is encouraging his supporters to stay active after the election by emailing about important issues.