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Goode rears his ugly head..............

This from The -

Republicans appear to have another repeat candidate in 2010, as former Rep. Virgil Goode (R-Va.) has filed to reclaim the seat he lost in November.

Goode filed Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) — a move that allows him to raise money for the race — but he told The Hill that he hasn't made a final decision about running again in 2010.

He said he filed because he received several “unsolicited” campaign contributions.

Once a candidate receives $5,000, he or she must file a statement of candidacy with the FEC.

“I’m filing that because a few people have sent me donations,” Goode said.

A Day in the life of Freshman Rep. Tom Perriello

The Roanoke Times article "Perriello takes a seat at the table" shows what a fresh face, new energy and focus on the common good can bring to Washington.

To say Perriello has "hit the ground running" is somewhat of an understatement, having already had one piece of legislation passed to help fund education through tax credits.

Despite having to endure a recount, Perriello and his staff have proved more than capable of moving the 5th Congressional District forward. They now have 2 offices open and Perriello's website is up and running and constantly being upgraded.

Perriello's "Road to Recovery" tour comes to Southside

Congressman Perriello will be making stops in Danville and in Martinsville as he talks to residents and area leaders about the stimulus bill next week. You know, it is refreshing to look forward to seeing my Congressman instead of being embarrassed to tell people I live in the 5th Congressional district.

Monday, February 16, from 4:00-6:00 p.m.
Celebrate an open house of the Congressman’s Danville Office
308 Craghead Street, Danville, VA

Wednesday, February 18 at 5:00 p.m.
Town Hall Meeting at Martinsville High School
351 Commonwealth Blvd, Martinsville

Perriello Reenacts Swearing In Ceremony for 5th District Voters

Freshman Representative Tom Perriello, was welcomed to applause and a standing ovation after reenacting his Congressional swearing in ceremony for approximately 55 Martinsville residents last night.

Perriello told the crowd, "it's important to me to share this swearing in and the oath of office, with the 5th District voters", because the House of Representatives has always been the "people's House".

A Prayer, A Toast, A Speech, and Hope for the 5th: Tom Perriello's Swearing-in Celebration

In the midst of a campaign, when your thoughts and time are all-consumed by walk and call lists, by running canvasses and phone banks, and by organizing volunteers and events, the light at the end of the tunnel can seem very far away indeed. Often, many of the folks that you have worked by and with for weeks or even months on end ... disappear back into their own lives, rarely to be seen again, after that either ebullient or gut-wrenching gathering in which the verdict is determined.

This video, provided by activist and blogger emeritus Lowell Feld, shows what politics can (and should) be about. It should be about gathering a community, embracing the challenge of organizing around the idea of a common good, and then celebrating the milestones while understanding the challenges that are yet to be faced.

Congratulations to Tom Perriello, his family and friends and supporters, his campaign staff and Congressional staff, and all the folks that helped make this victory possible. The victory in VA-05 is another milestone for the resurgence of progressive and Democratic politics in the new Old Dominion, taking us to a federal Congressional delegation that is majority Democratic -- and a reminder that 2009 can be the next milestone, as we have the chance to complete the journey of turning Virginia completely blue.

Now more than ever, we need someone of Tom's character and intellect in the halls of power, asking questions of the powerful and speaking up for those that need an advocate.

Congressman Perriello, as the money-changers approach the temple of our government with their hands out after years of fighting tooth and nail against any and all regulation of their activities, please help to ensure that the full faith and credit of the United States is not being used to merely socialize the losses of the powerful at the expense of our balance sheet. Please stand up for common sense regulation of these financial markets as the minimum quid pro quo for these continued bailouts; for transparency and an honest accounting of where the tax monies and our federal debts go; for as stringent a set of regulations on the titans of Wall Street as the Republicans wanted to foist upon the organized auto-workers of Detroit and Michigan; and for an honest, skeptical, and piercing questioning into whether or not this entire bailout endeavor is likely to solve the underlying credit issues that were supposed to be solved by the TARP, or whether it is merely a liquidity trap that literally throws good money after bad as another historic asset bubble (housing) collapses. Thank you for stepping up and running and winning such a soulful campaign, congratulations, and best of luck.

Ridge Schuyler Named as District Director for Perriello

Moving swiftly to get up and running at full speed, Congressman Tom Perriello announced today that Ridge Schuyler will serve as his District Director. Schuyler will oversee the District offices and staff for Perriello.

Perriello Sworn In, Tells Supporters He's already "Working Double Shift"

Congressman Perriello, damn I love typing that, held a reception this evening for more than 150 supporters, many of whom drove from Southside to attend.

My wife and I, who are on vacation in D.C., arrived just prior to the 4 p.m. kick-off and found the banquet room in the basement of the Rayburn House Office Building packed and overflowing into the hallway. It was honestly about 10 degrees cooler in the hall.

Before Perriello spoke, Senator Jim Webb entered and wished Perriello much success to the delight of the crowd. Also in attendence, candidate for Governor Brian Moran and his brother Representative Jim Moran.

Perriello Interviewed by NPR

Rep.-Elect Tom Perriello was interviewed on NPR this morning for Weekend Edition. Fun piece on the daunting task of becoming a new congressman.

Check out the interview audio at

Among the more than 60 new members of Congress to be sworn in on Tuesday is Democrat Tom Perriello. He represents the Charlottesville area in Virginia. His race was one of the biggest come-from-behind upsets of 2008. It took a recount, but Perriello eventually squeaked out victory over his Republican opponent. He won by fewer than 800 votes in a district that favored John McCain for president. Guest host Ari Shapiro speaks to Rep. Perriello, soon to be Congressman Perriello.

Virgil Goode Reflects

Or; His 35 Years in Politics, was 35 Years Too Long for Me!

In the decades of outsourcing, I often found myself wishing that there was a way to outsource former 5th Congressional District representative Virgil Goode. As a resident of that legislative laughingstock’s district, I found Goode to be a total embarrassment at time. O.K., he was an embarrassment all the time.

Today’s Martinsville Bulletin has a story in which Goode “reflects” on his 35 years in politics. I would have titled it “How Not to be an effective Congressman”, but so much for editorial license.

Lawmakers should be independent thinkers and not merely follow a leader, according to (defeated) 5th District U.S. Rep. Virgil Goode Jr.

“I never was a big follower,” said Goode, R-Rocky Mount. Having been both a Democrat and a Republican, he noted that he was not afraid to voice opinions that differed from other members of either party, as well as the president.

Goode Urged to Run Again

I'm not sure what to make of this. The Martinsville Bulletin reported today that some of Virgil Goode's die-hards held a dinner for him Monday night, where some urged him to run again in 2010. As with similar speculation that has arisen recently, Goode is taking a 'neither confirm nor deny' sort of approach.

This is probably nothing more than kind words from long-time supporters, but just for fun, here are a few of my first-blush reactions to the possibility of Goode 2010:

Perriello adds to Transition Team

Today's press release from the Perriello office shows the 34-year old Ivy native is moving in the right direction. An idealogical and geographically diverse group of highly motivated individuals.

Perriello's Communications director Jessica Barba, told me this evening that he intends to add a union representative to the team as well. That name will be announced in the very near future.

Here is the press release from Perriello's office.

December 20, 2008—Ivy, VA—Congressman-elect Tom Perriello today announced more members of his transition advisory committee, local leaders who will advise Perriello as he transitions into his new role in representing the fifth district of Virginia. The committee members have held numerous meetings with the Congressman-elect over the past few weeks, and on Thursday, the entire group met for the first time on a district-wide conference call.

"Through working with this diverse group of local leaders, and on my recent listening tour in which I covered 3,000 miles and had over 70 meetings, I am preparing to fight for the Fifth District's needs in Washington as soon as I'm sworn into office," said Congressman-elect Perriello. "Clearly, getting our economy back on track will be my number one priority, specifically in the areas of infrastructure and workforce development. With the scope of challenges facing our district, I need to be ready to hit the ground running from day one, and I feel confident with the help of this advisory committee that I will be ready."

(Below the fold is Perriello's Transition Team)

Details of VA-05 Recount Emerge

Cross posted to What IS Right for Virginia

The ups and downs of the two-day recount have been slowly emerging since yesterday's announcement that Ivy native Tom Perriello, will represent Virginia's 5th District in Washington.

The final margin of victory at 727 votes, with 158,810 for Perriello and 158,083 for Republican incumbent Virgil Goode Jr. The recount found 250 vote changes, with Goode having a net gain of 18 votes.

Recount officials found 63 absentee ballots from Halifax County that had not previously been counted — 20 votes for Perriello and 43 for Goode. The campaigns agreed after considerable discussion that the votes should be counted, and the judges accepted their recommendation.

Goode told reporters in a conference call that he, "had sent Perriello a congratulatory email."

A New Era for Virginia's 5th District

Tom told me on the phone shortly after the Albemarle Co. 3 judge panel certified his win, that this moment had been "too long in coming". I could not agree more.

After the 5th CD has suffered an economic depression that is uncomparable throughout the rest of the Commonwealth, it is time we elected a Representative that will actually work for us.

Now it is time to say good(e)-bye to 12 years of Virgil Goode and hello to a new era for the 5th district. I cannot say I expect Perriello to make an immediate impact in Washington, but I do believe we will see a new focus on the plight of rural families in todays economy. I do expect Tom to be a voice for our area, not making foolish speeches against those that differ from him or promoting wasteful spending of tax-payer dollars.

Read the press release from the Perriello office below: