Bob Purkey

Del. Purkey asleep at the wheel

Last week, Delegate Bob Purkey (R), who represents the 82nd district including Virginia Beach, called the press "prostitutes" for not quoting him in the exact manner that he wished to be quoted. This week, Purkey was startled out of his slumber DURING a session of the House of Delegates, only to stumble around for a bit in a vain attempt to catch up on what he has missed while sleeping, and why he was being called upon.

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Delegate Purkey’s Crusade

Once in a great while, Delegate Bob Purkey (R-Virginia Beach) allows the public a bit more familiarity with his idiosyncrasies. Yesterday, apparently angry over an article in the local newspaper, he was inspired to make a rare appearance and lash out. In an often incoherent broadside, he revealed much.

The article in the morning’s Virginian-Pilot reported that legislation brought by Purkey “would have extended the waiting period before former government officials and employees could lobby their old colleagues…would have added state executive agencies and local governments to those bodies deemed off-limits.” Purkey objected that the purpose wasn’t reported as “to make sure that cabinet level secretaries can not come back and lobby the next day as they still can by law.” Maybe he’ll be happier with this report.

Purkey described meeting with the reporter who said he had heard scuttlebutt about the reason the bill was put in. “I said the reason you prostitutes…pardon my grammar, I try to avoid the press every time I can. I think they are the worst…now there are a few decent reporters…a few you can trust, but most of them you can’t trust because they have changed their role. They used to report the news, now they interpret the news. They think that you all are pretty dumb, that we can’t give you the facts; they have to pre-chew your food, then digest it, and regurgitate it for you.” Purkey said, never getting to his point for the reporter.