Lee Ware

Delegate Ware’s Absurd Metaphor

In a reach of an OpEd piece taken from remarks on the floor, Delegate Lee Ware (R-HoD 65th) compares the smoking ban legislation to the onerous conditions of the Versailles Treaty and indicates that this ban foreshadows the demise of liberty. Another nail in the coffin of freedom. Absolutely absurd.

Oh, and it seems as though a tyrant may rise to power in Virginia or possibly America in response to this legislative wrong. Using Delegate Ware’s sense of history and logic, the real demise of liberty may have begun long ago when food preparers were required to wash their hands after handling contaminants. Or, when drunk driving laws were enacted. Or, when slavery was abolished. After all, shouldn’t we be free to own slaves because “that has for centuries been a cornerstone of our social, cultural, economic, and political life…” Ridiculous argument. But it gets worse.

The Battle of Coles Hill

Last night was the first skirmish in what will undoubtedly become known as the Battle of Coles Hill. Chatham residents turned out in the hundreds for a community forum on uranium mining at a site just outside town, which is apparently the largest untapped uranium deposit in America.