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Kickoff Rally in Annandale Tomorrow

Message from DPVa:

Join us this Saturday, March 28th at 11:00am for a major grassroots rally with Democratic Party of Virginia Chairman Dick Cranwell and our elected officials to kick-off the 2009 campaign season. Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling will be kicking off their statewide campaign just down the street. This is our chance to show that Democrats are excited for November's elections -- and that we're ready to unite behind the Democratic nominee.

"Welcome to the big leagues Mr. Cook" Scott Surovell dismantles Cook on FCDC Blog

If WaPo thought the recent special election in Fairfax County for Braddock's seat on the Board of Supervisors would be a quiet way to put another endorsement in the R column, they were mistaken. Scott Surovell, Chairman of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee, dismantles the WaPo endorsement of Cook using Cook's own swearing in ceremony speech.

Cook Pulls Off The Sheep’s Clothing
By FCDC Chair on Mar 25, 2009

Delegate Dave Albo Lies About His Votes

It’s one thing for Delegate Albo to constantly vote against women’s health care and prevention methods. But he enters a whole new level of hypocrisy by flat out lying to his constituents about these votes.

When a number of Del. Albo’s constituents e-mailed him to question his vote to DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD, he e-mailed them back and denied he did such a thing. News flash Delegate Albo: votes are recorded and accessible online to all your constituents!

Supervisor Cook's Race-Bating Inaugural

FCDC Chair Scott Surovell, has come out swinging against Virginia's newly inaugurated Supervisor, Republican John Cook.

Well, Cook has spoken. He spoke at his swearing in ceremony. You can watch it here. The sheepskin has come off of the wolf.

It’s amazing how easily The Washington Post Editorial Board was so thoroughly spun. This speech was dripping with the same Republican Snake Oil that we’ve been listening to for twenty years. It is full of “you can have your cake and eat it too” promises and nice sounding sloganeering with no actual REVENUE to back it up. It is exactly what the voters rejected on November 4, 2008.

Miles Grant Hosts Event to Help Pass Employee Free Choice Act UPDATED

Arlington's 47th District in the House of Delegates is facing a heated Democratic primary race, but candidate Miles Grant (The Green Miles) is also using his campaign to help pass the Employee Free Choice Act. This Saturday at his Campaign HQ, Miles will host grassroots volunteers to meet with an SEIU organizer to discuss and write letters about this legislation to Senator Webb and Senator Warner. We will be writing letters to Senator Webb to cosponsor the Employee Free Choice Act and to Senator Warner to support it.

Of straw polls, campaigns, and tickets

At the risk of reopening possible sore wounds, I would like to briefly revisit the issue of the straw poll at Gerry Connolly's St. Paddy's Day event, and the issue of tickets and campaigns. I decided to write this after returning from Friday's annual Gala for the Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership, this year honoring the Virginia Congressional Delegation. Several House members attended - I saw Moran, Perriello, and Connolly. Several canceled at the last minute because there were no Friday votes, so they left town - Nye, Wolf, Scott. Paul Reagan was there on behalf of Jim Webb. 5 Statewide Democratic candidates showed - Deeds, McAuliffe, Shannon, Signer and Wagner. I talked with them, with staff, and with a lot of other people. And as a result I think I can, without sourcing statements to any particular person, authoritatively describe what happened at the straw poll and the event.

Green Dog - Gerry Connolly

What an incredible start for our new 11th District Congressman Gerry Connolly. In addition to introducing two bills Thursday to expand Metro rail on the Blue, Orange, Yellow, and Purple Lines and another one to extend low emission and energy-efficient vehicles on HOV lanes, Congressman Connolly has made incredible progress on many fronts. He has already visited Iraq and Afghanistan and met with Virginia troops and is blazing an impressive trail in a very short period of time.

So far, our long time friend to the environment has helped form the “Green Dogs” in Congress which have already tackled legislation to prevent mountain top removal of coal and measures to protect green space, the Bay, and the Potomac River. I have boiled down a few of the environmental issues Rep. Connolly has been involved in below and you can find the detail on the flip.

    * Helped form the "Green Dogs" (Sustainable Energy and Environment Caucus)
    * Helped increase funding for home weatherization and rail transit in economic stimulus
    * Extend trails to connect Laurel Hill network, with neighborhoods and parks east of I-95
    * Helped launch Potomac River cleanup of derelict barge
    * Cosponsored legislation to preserve open spaces including areas threatened by sprawl
    * Working with Gov Kaine to preserve Mason Neck's rural and historic character
    * Cosponsoring several bills to require 25% electricity come from renewable sources by 2025

This is an amazing amount of work since being sworn in on January 8th. I'm told it's just the tip of the iceberg and I can't wait to see what he can do in a year.

Please don't miss Congressman Connolly's District Office Open House which will take place this Saturday, March 21, 2009 from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm in our Annandale VA. This is a great opportunity for residents to stop by, meet the staff, say hello to the Congressman and learn about the services that they provide at the District Office. Which is located at:

Where: 4115 Annandale Rd., Suite 103, Annandale, VA 22003
Phone: 703-256-3071

Keep reading to see the more detailed info I requested from Rep Connolly's office.

There Will Be No Paper Trail in VA's Largest Jurisdiction This Year - Unless We Act

Due to budget shortfalls, Fairfax County cannot afford paper ballots for their optical scan machines, and will only be using their electronic machines - the same kind of machine that crashed in the March 10th special election.

What's more, they will not be opening the Satellite Locations around the county as they did last November. Only the Government Center will be open for In-Person Absentee Voting.

Connolly Office Contradicts Brian Moran for Governor Campaign

This morning I contacted the the phone number listed on to get the official results of the the St. Patricks Day Straw Poll. I was told that every gubernatorial campaign purchased a block of tickets for the event, though they were not allowed to release the number of tickets each campaign purchased. Upon contacting the Brian Moran for Governor campaign, I was told by Jesse Ferguson, Communications Director, that that the campaign had not purchased any tickets for any of their supporters.

A Modest Proposal for T-Mac following the straw poll

(this is satire in the spirit of Jonathan Swift, nothing more. I'm posting this because alot of people need to relax, take a deep breath, and look at the situation we are in and what the campaigns have been reduced too. So don't be a jerk about it. While I do support Brian, I'd be posting the same thing about him if he won)

Congressman Connolly Straw Poll Results

1. McAuliffe: 58%
2. Moran: 30%
3. Deeds: 12%

Lt Governor
1. Wagner: 48%
2. Signer: 28%
3. Bowerbank: 12%
4. Edmonson: 12%

Amy Gardner at WaPo:

Former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe overwhelmingly won an informal straw poll in Fairfax County tonight against his two Democratic rivals for governor, Brian Moran and Creigh Deeds.

At a jam-packed St. Patrick's Day party hosted by U.S. Rep. Gerald E. Connolly (D-Va.), McAuliffe earned 58 percent of votes, Moran took 30 percent and Deeds earned 12 percent. Connolly told the crowd of about 1,400 that a total of 934 ballots were cast.

If nothing else, the vote sprinkled a healthy pinch of fish food into Virginia's political aquarium. McAuliffe outshined his rivals in both organization and spirit at the event, arranging for donors to purchase 400 tickets for his guests, staffing the party with 60 paid campaign workers and prompting the loudest cheers when he spoke to the crowd.

Gerry Connolly's St. Patrick's Day Promotes Grassroots Activity

Gerry Connolly has been hosting his St. Patrick's Day event ever since he first ran for Providence District Supervisor in 1995. It has gone from just a gathering of his supporters in his home to now being held in the Kena Temple because hundreds of people are expected to attend. While this event obviously is a good fundraiser, I look at it more as a great way to support the local Democratic community and get excited about upcoming elections -- especially when you consider that there's a straw poll at the event.

Now there has always been a lot of speculation about how credible straw polls are and what they actually mean in the race. I think that depends a lot on the reputation of the event the straw poll is held at AND how the actual candidates approach the poll. The straw poll at Gerry's St. Patrick Day event has a history of producing accurate results and people tend to realize this so candidates pay attention to the race. In past years, candidates have encouraged their supporters to attend the event -- often through sending out emails or making some phone calls -- so that they could receive their vote. This has largely resulted in seeing which campaign did a better job of rallying it's supporters to the specific event. Based upon the accuracy of the results, many of the victorious candidates have been able to then use those organizing skills to win in the primaries.

Where the skepticism of straw polls comes in is sometimes candidates try to buy up a large number of tickets in order to make it look like they have a lot of grassroots support. In the past this has happened at other events, but most people respect the tradition of trying to have this event truly be a test of grassroots organizing. I truly hope that remains to be the case this year, but we shall see tomorrow evening. Hope to see you there.

Ilryong Moon Concedes in the Braddock Supervisor Race

Moon's statement

March 11, 2009

For Immediate Release:
I was certainly hoping for better numbers from the voting machines at Fairview Precinct today, but the numbers show otherwise. Even though I have a right to ask for a recount under state law and also challenge the election result due to irregularities with the voting machines used at Fairview precinct, I have decided not to do so. Given the state of our economy, the taxpayers' resources should be focused on providing services to Fairfax County's residents and Braddock District's residents need someone to represent them on the Board of Supervisors to start working on important issues such as budget and transportation as soon as possible. I do not want to cause any delay.

I am humbled by and grateful for all the support that I have received from many supporters and more than 6,000 votes cast in the special election on Tuesday. I would like to congratulate Mr. John Cook for waging a strong campaign and wish him well on the Board. I look forward to working with him on education issues as a school board member.

Ilryong Moon

Cook (R) wins Fairview by 19 votes, Braddock district by 89..

Dynamic Duo - Brian and Karyn Moran

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(I support Brian Moran)
Cross Posted at Raising Moran

More than a dozen blocks of Old Town Alexandria was packed with the largest parade and possibly the largest single public event during the Democratic primary Saturday, March 7. From South Peyton Street to North Fairfax and then left and up to Cameron, it was block after block, packed with people. It's hard to say how many were there because all around Market Square was jammed but the bottom line is the crowd was big and we kicked butt. As Pat Troy put it as we passed the parade reviewing stand: "Now that's some enthusiasm. Now we know who will be Governor."

Brian and Karyn Moran were all over the place criss-crossing the street to shake hands and meet the voters. Eventually the jacket came off and you see Brian literally running for Governor. This to me, is what a real campaign is supposed to look like. Below is a link to a great slide show of more pictures from David Solimini (staffer).

St. Patrick's Day Parade - Brian Moran

Liz Griffith for Fairfax County School Board

So here’s the deal – this Tuesday (3/10), voters in Fairfax County’s Braddock District can move the County Board forward by electing a Harvard-educated School Board veteran, Ilryong Moon , as the County Board’s first Asian-American Supervisor. If they are wise enough to do so, Braddock then gets a chance at a two-for-one special – Moon as their Supervisor, and Braddock’s Liz Griffith as his School Board replacement.

Her leadership among Democrats includes serving as a member of the FCDC Steering Committee and serving as one of the first leaders of the Brigades group of former Webb volunteers. But besides being a good Dem, she is also well suited to the School Board. Her experience includes a PhD in Political Science, four children who have attended Fairfax County Public Schools, and work as a high school teacher, former PTSA President and Program Director of a children’s summer arts camp. She is currently active on the School Board's Human Relations Advisory Committee, serving as chair of its Communication Subcommittee.

Liz went out on a limb for the Democrats 2 years ago, challenging an incumbent Republican on the School Board in her very first race – and coming only 153 votes shy of victory. She is well known among Democratic volunteers in Virginia for her enthusiastic and energetic work on the Webb and Obama campaigns. For Obama, she helped set up the volunteer leadership team in Fairfax County, worked Hampton Roads, and for her efforts was elected an Alternate Delegate to the Democratic Convention in Denver.

Passing Of A Good Friend To the Arab and Muslim American Communities and humanity combined, Marwan Burgan

Dear Friends,

It is with great sadness that I am passing on this note to notify you that a dear friend to the Arab and Muslim American Communities and humanity combined , Marwan Burgan, has departed this world last night after a long struggle with pancreatic cancer.

For over 30 years Marwan had worked and lobbied on behalf of the Arab and Muslim communities. Some of his many accomplishments were working on the passage of Res. 56 in 1991 in order to protect the rights of Arab Americans, as well as amending hate crimes laws to specifically include Muslims and Mosques.

Quiet Leadership for Braddock District

One thing people notice about Ilryong Moon, democratic candidate for Braddock District Supervisor in the upcoming special election on MARCH 10, is how soft spoken he is.

Barely registering on my tape deck, he explains a philosophy of public service that leads to a habit of quiet:

You know, there are people who make up their own mind and pretend to listen to people.

I don’t do that. . . .

I listen patiently, patient to listen before I reach a decision.

That is something I would like to continue doing as a member of the Board of Supervisors.

Moon is running against Republican John Cook and independent Carey Campbell to replace Sharon Bulova in the second special election to hit Braddock Distirct since November, after one of the most active firehouse primaries anyone can remember. Republicans are banking on democratic burn out to sneak another one onto the board, in the aftermath of unexpectedly close races in special elections for the 46th HOD, and for Fairfax Board of Supervisors Chair. There's MORE!

Switching from Creigh to Brian

First off, I want to say that switching my support from Creigh to Brian wasn’t an easy thing to do. I like Creigh’s stances on a lot of issues from guns, to the environment, to smart growth, and especially his non-partisan redistricting proposal. What the party needs most in their nominee for governor is someone who can appeal to and represent a large and diverse swath of the electorate and for a long time, Creigh was the best choice.

Keam Dream Team in the 35th

JFK inspired a whole generation of leaders to rise up and follow in his footsteps. So, for the other side, did Ronald Reagan. If you’re wondering whether Obama will have the same kind of generational impact, the place to keep your eye on is Virginia’s 35th House District, covering Vienna, Oakton, Dunn Loring and portions of Fairfax. And the campaign to watch is that of Mark Keam.

As I noted in an earlier diary , Keam impressed me and countless others with his work as Fairfax for Obama Campaign Coordinator. And now he is applying his inspiration and experience from the Campaign for Change to fire up his own quest for the House of Delegates.

Just as importantly, he is scooping up a great deal of talent from the Obama campaign, including:

• Campaign Manager Aveek Majumdar, a veteran of both the Webb Brigades and the Obama campaign, where he served as field organizer for Fairfax County and regional director for Southern Hampton Roads.
• Field Director Bridgit Donnelly, Obama field staff in charge of the Providence Magisterial District and the youngest delegate sent to the Democratic National Convention from Virginia.
• Communications Director Sarah Hoptman, former field organizer for the Virginia Combined Campaign.

To meet Mark and all of these folks, and to find out what you can do to help him win, come to the grand opening of his campaign office at 407 Church Street, NE, Unit J, Vienna, VA 22180, this Saturday, February 28th, 2:00-5:00 pm.

President Obama is going to need a lot of help to conquer the Herculean tasks facing him, and we need to put the right people in place to assist him – people like Mark Keam. Come join the team!