Central Virginia

Delegate Ware’s Absurd Metaphor

In a reach of an OpEd piece taken from remarks on the floor, Delegate Lee Ware (R-HoD 65th) compares the smoking ban legislation to the onerous conditions of the Versailles Treaty and indicates that this ban foreshadows the demise of liberty. Another nail in the coffin of freedom. Absolutely absurd.

Oh, and it seems as though a tyrant may rise to power in Virginia or possibly America in response to this legislative wrong. Using Delegate Ware’s sense of history and logic, the real demise of liberty may have begun long ago when food preparers were required to wash their hands after handling contaminants. Or, when drunk driving laws were enacted. Or, when slavery was abolished. After all, shouldn’t we be free to own slaves because “that has for centuries been a cornerstone of our social, cultural, economic, and political life…” Ridiculous argument. But it gets worse.

Perriello is Officially Declared Winner

This afternoon, a three-judge panel in Charlottesville rendered a decision on the recount in the fifth congressional race between soon-to-be-ex Representative Virgil H. Goode, and Rep-Elect Tom Perriello , upholding the results certified on November 24th. Despite a last-ditch PR attempt by Goode to cast Perriello as attempting to disenfranchise service men and women, Perriello rode above Virgil’s rancorous politicking, with the final recount coming in at +727 votes for Periello. Congratulations Rep-Elect Perriello!

Change is Coming, Contd.

So I went to a Change is Coming house party, and it absolutely reaffirmed my faith in the American people. Kristin, the hostess and a local community organizer in Charlottesville, opened up her doors to over a dozen people (most of them strangers) on a bright but cold Saturday afternoon, and the results couldn’t have been better. All fifteen people who signed up attended, and the showing was incredibly diverse, in every meaning of the word.

I was fortunate enough to interview Sherman White after the event. Sherman was the epitome of everything so unique about what Barack is doing.
“Do you know the name Emmitt Till?” he asks. Often considered one of the catalysts of the civil rights movement, on August 28th, 1955, the fourteen year-old Till was brutally tortured and lynched for whistling at a white woman. “And August 28th, 1963,” he continued, “That’s when Dr. King gave his ‘I Have a Dream Speech.’ I saw him that day.” Ignoring my look of total amazement, he finished his statement. “August 28th, 2008. Barack Obama gave his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention. August 28th, 1955, 1963, 2008. God’s fingerprint is all over this election.”

Wow. I just met a man who marched with Dr. King, all because our support of Barack Obama, and our mutual interest in building a better community.