Southwest Virginia

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Deeds Doubts Uranium Mining Study

Source: Star City Harbinger

"Senator Deeds doubts science and sense behind uranium study"

Senator Deeds has serious reservations about whether uranium can be mined in Virginia. He looks forward to reviewing the study, but he believes that our top priorities must be to ensure the protection of our water supply and the safety of all workers. He is not convinced that uranium mining can meet either of these requirements.

Raising A Governor's Debate

(Cross-posted at Virginia Left Wing)

It's hard enough sitting down months in advance planning a debate for the Democratic candidates for governor of Virginia. It's even harder when, one month before said debate is supposed to be happening, you start to find out about numerous other debates around the same time.

We are looking for a few good.....gubernatorial candidates. As we find out about other gubernatorial debates in April, we would like to push for our own.

The Southwest Virginia Young Democrats,, are planning a gubernatorial debate for Saturday, April 25th at 7pm in the John S. Battle High School Auditorium in Bristol, VA. We've asked all the campaigns to attend our debate, and we're still waiting on all the okays. Let's make it a bit more enticing, shall we?

Mason begins run for 17th HD seat

ROANOKE - March 9 - Flanked by an array of current and former local officials, Roanoke City Council member Gwen Mason formally announced her candidacy for the Democratic nomination in the 17th District before a standing-room only crowd of about 40-50 people. She is running for the House of Delegate seat recently put in play but a surprise decision by moderate Republican Delegate William Fralin, to not seek re-election.

Joining Mason were Roanoke County Sheriff Gerald Holt, former City Council members Lynda Wyatt and Bill Bestpitch, Roanoke County Clerk of Court Steve McGraw, Roanoke County Supervisor Charlotte Moore, and current City Council members Court Rosen and Rupert Cutler, Vice Mayor Sherman Lea, Commonwealth Attorney Don Caldwell.

Marrow, Hart to Challenge Entrenched R's in 25th & 26th HD

From We Will Rock Dem

Troubles Brewing in the Red Zone More Valley Dems Join Attack on Republican Strongholds in 24th, 25th and 26th HD seats.

Dr. Greg Marrow, 44, of McGaheysville, said this week that he plans to challenge Del. Steve Landes, R-Weyers Cave, in the 25th District. Marrow, an optometrist in Harrisonburg, will seek the Democratic Party nomination.

Great editorial from Rich Cranwell

Rich Cranwell, son of DPVA chair, Dick Cranwell, had a very good editorial published. The editorial slams 6th district Congressman Bob Goodlatte on his failed politics. Is this editorial the start of a Cranwell for Congress 2010 campaign? I will not speculate but read the following editorial. It makes a whole lot of sense.

"I am disappointed that Rep. Bob Goodlatte and the other Republican members of the Virginia congressional delegation chose to boycott the congressional delegation meeting with Gov. Tim Kaine Feb. 9.

Gone for Goode? Local and national GOP want a rematch

This campaign sign still stands at the intersection of Boon Street and 220 in Boones Mill, Virginia. The election was held over 16 weeks ago, yet the owner of this sign still clings to the hope that Goode will rise from the ashes of his narrow defeat by Congressman Tom Perriello (D).

Is Anyone Challenging Dave Nutter?

Open ended question to the BC community...Is anyone challenging Del. Dave Nutter? Because A) that would be fantastic, and his seat is a major potential pick up, and B) In my infinite coolness, I've been doing some serious number crunching for the district, and if anyone is running, I'd love to give them what I've compiled.

Thanks guys,


The Good --and the Not-So-Good -- about John Edwards’ Fly Ash Bill (SB 865)

This diary is cross-posted at Article Xi Preserve and Protect .

Disclosure: I am a strong supporter of State Senator John Edwards, probably always will be. I have even made a small donation to his re-election campaign. He has a good record on environmental issues. But, despite his effort at some improved oversight and constraints on fly ash from coal-fired plants, I must concur with the Roanoke Times (RT) editorial here that he has missed the mark.

VA GOP Caucus floats "Clean Coal" Lie

Brian Moran draws fire for principled stand against Surry plant

No matter which Democrat you support for Governor, I think we can all agree that growing business responsibly and protecting natural resources are a big part of the job. But in typical fashion, the Virginia GOP Caucus would have us all believe that up is down, black is white, the Iraqi War made us all safer, "coal is a natural resource that has not been linked to any environmental harm", and that opposition to the Mega-Surry coal fired plant is "trying to skirt alternative energy".

Alternative energy?!? Did I miss a meeting?!? When did coal become a "a clean burning alternative fuel source." ?!?


US Rep Rick Boucher to Head Subcommittee on Communications, Technology and the Internet

Around the Ninth CD, indeed around the US, US Rep. Rick Boucher is viewed as an expert in telecommunications, intellectual property and the Internet. He is a co-founder and co-chair of the Internet Caucus in the House of Representatives. So it's no surprise that Rick has taken the helm of the important Subcommittee on Communications, Technology and the Internet.

Good Deeds Interview

Photo Credit: Star City Harbinger

The Star City Harbinger posted a good interview with Creigh Deeds from a Monday night event in Roanoke. Worth a read. We know Creigh well, here in the Valley. But this one-on-one gives a lot more depth to candidate Deeds, especially for folks outside of western Virginia.

The Bare Foot Boy from Bath in Roanoke last night

Jody Wagner for Lt. Governor of Virginia

There are many signs of positive change on the national horizon. Some, especially the Inauguration this January 20th, we can hardly wait for. One of the more hopeful signs that the change we seek may be enduring, even in Virginia, is the vibrant candidacy of Jody Wagner for Lieutenant Governor. Tonight, Montgomery County(VA) Democrats) received another visit from Jody. And again, they really liked what they heard.

Boucher Endorses Deeds

The Fighting 9th Congressional District's veteran Democratic congressman, Rep. Rick Boucher, is backing Creigh Deeds in the increasingly competitive race for Governor in 2009. This is the same "down state" area that saw numerous visits by the Obama campaign, and has shown strong support for Jim Webb and Mark Warner. Deeds "native son" support in the west, and now growing support in the southwest, will be critical to the nomination race, and even more important in the general election. Building a strong base of support in these regions, was a key part of the successful Webb and Warner campaigns.

more below the fold

Moran Receives Endorsements today in Martinsville

Del. Brian Moran picked up two endorsements in Martinsville this morning, House Minority Leader Ward Armstrong and Martinsville Democratic Committee chair Lorene Martin.

Martin opened the press conference telling the gathered crowd of about 40 people that Moran's experience and leadership in the House of Delegates was the compelling reason she was supporting him in the race for Governor. Armstrong, cited his decade old personal and professional relationship with the fellow Delegate.